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Customize your StreamWork templates!


I wanted to share my excitement for a simple new feature in StreamWork released last night!

We all use templates in StreamWork to guide different types of work.  Many people have wanted a greater variety of templates and tools to choose from.

Our plans go farther than that, of course.  Our term for the way you *actually* work is your “practice.”  For example, the way you organize and drive things in an activity is your practice for getting a type of work done.  We all have our own brainstorming practices, operational review practices, etc.  Over time, anything you do will be able to be templatized and recommended to others who are doing similar work.  And the most adopted templates (practices) become best practices.

The first realization of this idea is in the product now.  You will notice a new Templates link in the Activities view.  You can easily create your own template, and it will appear as an option for you.  If you want to share it with someone else, today you can do it through export and import.

For example, I use StreamWork all of the time for my recurring meetings.  Check out my “Recurring Meeting” template here!

To use it, do these 3 things:

  1. Download the file at the link (here)
  2. Go to your Templates area and click Import
  3. Create a new activity and choose it

Have fun… I am.

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