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Based on the discussion we previously had
(also see blog “What does Financial Accounting mean for the Automotive Retail Business ? Part I; use Link: What does Financial Accounting mean for the Automotive Retail Business ?),
I want to share some more thoughts about the subject Financial Accounting and Retail Business.

Financial Accounting, expecially with FICO provides the baseline of moving towards SAP DBM, means, you can easily adopt SAP DBM when FICO is in place or you can start with FICO and have, later on, your ERP extended to DBM. That´s possible because of the fact that FICO within SAP DBM is Standard-ERP-FICO. That´s furthermore possible, because there is nothing automotive retail/wholesale specific needed inside FICO. It´s more related to the national legislation specifics, that are available on a wide global-basis for FICO.

Most dealers use or choose the logistics-part of their DMS seperately from their Financials, which is a pity, cause there a significant advantages to have Financials and Logistics coming out of the same Software-OEM !

#1: No interface needed: To have an integrated, and I mean, realtime integrated system there are no interfaces needed

#2: Amendments on Journal-Transactions: Because of the fact you work integrated with FICO and DBM, amendments can be done just where any business-process had been broken, and not, where it is easy to correct broken processes. The implications of your transaction-amendments update your management-accounting/-reporting realtime.

#3: Bi-directional: Because of the fact, that there´s no interface, it is also no question of reflecting data coming from FICO and being useful for the logistics part of the ERP. Example: Solvency of a customer first shows up in FICO. Without any interface being needed, the information, whether a customer is a paying one or not can be directly available throughout the entire ERP on a global, national or even regional basis and especially there were the information is needed, in order management where the customer is “faced”.

Do you see any more advantages on having Financials and Logistics coming out of one box ?

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