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SAP Business ByDesign on the iPad – Cool!

Over the past year, I’ve been increasingly using my screen mobile phone to access the internet.  It even influenced my decision to upgrade to a touch screen smart phone since I realized that 90% of my personal (non-work) internet time is spent absorbing information rather than creating it.  Even when I do create content, it’s often just clicking Like on Facebook, RTon Twitter or sharing my favorite YouTube videos with my followers with the touch of a button.  Even a short Tweet or comment is fairly manageable with the onscreen keyboard.  So, for such simple tasks, who needs a keyboard and mouse when you can just tap your way to where you’re going? (Opera Mobile makes this easy on my Nokia 5800…it even has tabs!)


So when I first saw the iPad on YouTube I thought, hm, I want one! Yeah, it would basically be a larger version of my current touch screen phone but I’d get to see and enjoy more content like movies, pictures and detail rich graphical data too small to be viewed on my phone.  Even read books! (I heard battery life is pretty good.)  My laptop is so clunky compared to it: half of the machine becomes redundant whenever I’m just catching up on the news at breakfast or watching a music video.

Mobile devices have a huge potential for business users.  Communication is a proven example but what about data?  The old way of printing out a few reports to review at home or on the commute is fast becoming obsolete is a world where data is constantly changing and the reports themselves are no longer static (e.g. Dashboards).  Users are now expecting live reports based on real time data so that real time decisions can be made: allowing these to go mobile further increase the pace and agility of business. This is where portable devices like the iPad might soon become ubiquitous in the same way smartphones have over the past few years.

What do you think?  Have a look at this new SAP TV video and tell me:

SAP on iPad?

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