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Nominate the next SAP Mentor

Update: The nomination has been extended to this Friday 16th of July!

The elevator pitch for SAP Mentors goes like this:

SAP Mentors are the top community influencers of the SAP Ecosystem. Most mentors work for customers or partners of SAP. All of them are hands-on experts of an SAP product or service, as well as excellent champions for product roll-in and roll-out. They have been nominated by their peers on the basis of their passion for the community and their willingness to contribute and share as well as motivate others. See:

SAP Mentors + Enterprise Geeks engaged at TechEd

Enterprise Geeks podcast taping at SAP TechEd 2009 in Phoneix. (Don’t recall anymore whether I shot this picture or not. Please let me know so I can attribute correctly.)

To be an SAP Mentor can be quite a commitment. We have 2 to 3 mentor webinars per week we form special teams around our area of expertise and passion. We develop SAP Inside Tracks in the location where we operate. If you know someone who is engaged on that kind of level and not an SAP Mentor yet, we would like to know.

A new SAP Mentor should combine most of the following 5 qualities:

  • Hands-on expert in an SAP product or service.
  • Collaborative attitude someone who puts the community development before their own.
  • Good communicator for roll-in and roll-out activities.
  • Interested in improving products and services of SAP as well as the relationship of SAP with its customers, partners and prospects.
  • Proactive, someone who is self motivated and thinks about: What can I do to make the biggest impact for the larger SAP community and acts and implements that.

SAP Mentors engaged with Marge Breya during Sapphirenow 2010 picture by Marilyn Pratt

SAP Mentors engaged with Marge Breya during SAPPIRENOW 2010 in Orlando. Picture by Marilyn Pratt

SAP Mentors are an amazing group of bright engaged passionate SAP professionals and it is an amazing privilege to be part of and create things with them, but it is also a takes time and effort.

If you know someone who should be an SAP Mentor and who is willing to engage, please nominate them to become one: 

Update: This link is open until Friday in a week the 13th of July. I can’t wait to announce the new ones in mid September and welcome most of them at SAP TechEd in the fall.

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  • At first, I would like to congratulate you all for this program. I really hope new SAP mentors will help you out with the heavy volume of duties assigned to you nowadays and, leave room for an even larger scope activity.
    One thing I’d dare to mention, it that not always the image which is passed by local SAPs (I mean, Brazil SAP branch), is this one we find in here. Here we can see really engaged people, high-tech headed, open-minded and, at last but not the least, the commercial expansion. In Brazil, after visiting many customers along these past 8 years, and talking to my colleagues, we see the commercial exploitation the first thing in focus. From new implementations, compliance projects , to modules academies are available for shopping. But, very little investment in partners and customers is held. We have SAP Forum which is has a shop-window approach. But the best event for consultants is the SIT (SAP Inside Track) Brazil, which, as far as I`m concerned, is organized by independent professionals with the help of agencies.
    I believe SAP consultants should be faced with a higher status than they are around here. They have the tool knowledge,  they will provide solution to that customer and add value to the customer’s business thanks to the best practices he will pass or to the wider view of the processes.
    Let’s not ignore some SAP professionals’ guilt. Those who just come to this SAP world because it brings high status and nice wage but, prefer the cold comfort and assured money of Support Teams. That leads to a non-updated professional with SAP’s latest features.
    And, just to add some more taste to this commercial spree, Brazil localization is quite complex and demands constant GRC updates. All that, has caused frustration, disturbance and lack of trust in new SAP products from customers  when they compare the product they acquired with the other ones available in the market.
    I believe a larger number of  SAP mentors will contribute to ease this ticklish situation!!


  • Hi SCNers,
    This amazing SAP expert that has helped you and so many others, who is an amazing communicator and should influence SAP’s roadmap because of his great ideas and pro-active attitude. If she is not an SAP Mentor yet, please nominate him until this Friday 16th of July. Thanks, Mark.