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1. Configure your properties:

Well, to start with, the first thing you have to see is whether the properties are correct. Based on your need, you first configure the properties. Properties give you lot of options to decide on.

Eg:  You can sync only appointment and block contact. You can only sync from CRM to Outlook.


Please make sure to fill 2 properties Crm server(CRMserver) and Client(CRMClient) and open the properties from server personalize page.


Nowinitiate sync from CRM server.

This is important step, as it will sync the properties to client and Outlook will know which server to connect to if sync is started from outlook.

For more detail about properties please visit “Properties/Profile in Client GWI


2. Invoke sync from CRM Server :

 At top of CRM Calendar, there is a sync icon, On click, it will start synchronization between CRM server and Groupware client (Outlook/Lotus notes).If you face any issue in sync, isolate the problem by identifying for which outlook item it appears, whether Appointment, Task or Contact.

Remember, that only Outlook items with category “SAP CRM” will be picked for synchronization.


3. Invoke sync from Outlook:

Once you are successfully able to execute sync from CRM server, it’s now turn of Outlook. How this is different than invoking sync from CRM server is, this use https, however the server use http.

 Also it requires CRM server address to start off. If you are getting error like “Error retrieving data from CRM server”, then probably the https is not enabled, which is most common case for issue like this.

To check this following is the easy way, copy the link from following registry

[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSAPCRMCalIntegrationSyncSettingsCRMServerAddress],open internet explorer and paste it. If a blank page appear then all is well, else it will clearly display what is the error.

Check with your network administrator and resolve if any error.     


4. Automatic Sync:

Once, you are ok with manual sync, you can experiment with Automatic Sync. You will find “Autosync” tab as the last tab in properties. The various option help you to schedule the sync. My recommendation is to schedule sync once every day, this keeps the data volume low hence reducing any possibilities of error.

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  1. Former Member
    Thanks for the detailed blog on client based GWI . Recently I have started doing POC on client based solution. I get it to working with manual sync, but struggling to get the auto sync working. Please let me know how to make auto sync working. I have enabled auto sync mode and changed other sync properties under “Edit synchronization settings” from WEB UI.
    Our focus is on contacts sync using client based sync. We need it to minimize user intervention for initiating the sync.

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