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SAP Mentor Monday: Introduction of New SAP Mentors Part I of II

Once new SAP Mentors have been selected, we give them a chance to introduce themselves and share some of their expertise with the community.  

Yesterday during the SAP Mentor Monday the following 3 new SAP Mentors shared some of their knowledge:

Sandy KemsleySandy   Kemsley Independent Analyst Canada
Sandy is an independent  analyst and systems architect, specializing in business process  management, Enterprise 2.0, enterprise architecture and business  intelligence. In addition to my technical background, I’ve worked on the  business operations end of projects, and I’m often involved from  business requirements and analysis through technology design and  deployment.

During my career of more than 20 years, I’ve started  and run successful product and service companies, including a desktop  workflow and document management product company from 1988-90, and a  40-person services firm specializing in BPM and e-commerce from  1990-2000. During 2000-2001, I worked for FileNet (now IBM) as Director  of eBusiness Evangelism during the launch of their eProcess BPM product,  and I was a featured speaker on BPM and its impact on business at  conferences and customer sites in 14 countries during that time.

She   brings with her enormous insight into the world of Business Process  Management that goes beyond the SAP solution. She also greatly helped  with the Process Design Slam last two years at TechEd.  (She will be at  Sapphire in Orlando)


John ApplebyJohn  Appleby Partner at Bluefin Solutions Ltd. United Kingdom
In his  role as Technology Capability Lead in Bluefin, he covers a wide range of  consultants who include the specialties of ABAP Development, Java  Development, Architecture, Infrastructure, Basis and NetWeaver.  His  personal area of specialty is NetWeaver performance, looking at the  business perspective of why performance is important and how to resolve  those problems from a technical perspective. (He will be at Sapphire in  Orlando)


Sheng QiangSheng  Qiang Zhengzhou Sanquan Food. Co. Ltd China
Sheng has been  working in ABAP development for four years and there after 6 years of  non-SAP software development and systems integration experience.  Engaging in ABAP Developer, he began to pay attention to learn the  basics and, shared the learning experience with more friends through his  blog, SCN community and so on. From the knowledge-sharing process, he  gained more knowledge and happiness. He thinks, this is the real meaning  of sharing. Sheng will be our second mentor in East Asia.

The screen shot below was taken during the webinar and you can see Sandy Kemsley, John Appleby and Sheng Qiang as well as the marvelous Aslan Noghre-kar playing the musical intro on the sax.

SAP Mentor Monday Screen Shot

Check out the replay:   

Don’t miss the SAP Mentor Monday on June 28 1pm PST for the second round of introductions. We will do one and a half hour, to give everyone enough time to introduce themselves and share some of their expertise with you the community. Not to be missed. 

The lineup will be:

Twan van den BroekTwan van den Broek Twan is Principal Consultant CIBER  Netherlands
Twan is SAP NetWeaver solution architect at CIBER. Twan  combines a broad experience in SAP development with knowledge on current  SAP NetWeaver, BPM and SOA possibilities to deliver innovative SAP  solutions. With SAP NetWeaver as Business Process Platform the world of  SAP projects is changing rapidly. A new, agile, approach is key to  successful delivery. Twan is project lead at the first Agile SAP project  in the Netherlands for a large public transport provider. He was also  the organizer of the SAP Inside Track  Eindhoven (NL). (He will be at Sapphire in Frankfurt)  


Kevin BenediktKevin  Benedict Netcentric Strategies Boise USA
Kevin is a popular SAP  enterprise mobility and Web 2.0 marketing consultant, mobile industry  analyst, writer and speaker on subjects related to mobile enterprise  computing, SAP, EDI, e-Invoicing and business process automation. He has  over 21 years of experience with enterprise business applications and  has built a mobile enterprise software company from the ground up that  experienced 100% year-over-year growth for 4 straight years.

Kevin  is the founder and principal consultant at Netcentric Strategies. He  has served as an advisor and consultant to companies worldwide in  enterprise mobility, Tele-health, B2B e-commerce, GPS vehicle tracking,  field service automation and many other areas related to mobility.  He  adjusted his travel plans to be able to present at the SAP Inside Track  in Palo Alto last week. (He will be at Sapphire in Orlando)


Tammy PowlasTammy  Powlas working for Fairfax Water. She is a Certified Public  Accountant, Project Management Professional, SAP-Certified in FI, CO,  ASAP, BW-SEM and BW 7.0.  She is an ASUG volunteer with the BI and BITI  Communities.  ASUG honored her with a 2009 Volunteer Service Award. She  is another example of SAP Mentors and ASUG working closely together as  well as bridging the SAP BI world with SAP BusinessObjects solutions.  (Tammy will be at the ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando)



Miko YukMico Yuk Founder EverythingXcelsius USA Atlanta of the popular weblog,  Everything Xcelsius and ‘The Xcelsius Gurus Network’ ( ).  A computer engineer by degree, she has been designing and  implementing enterprise dashboards for major corporate clients since  2006 and is considered to be one of the industry’s top Xcelsius  dashboard developers in the world.

She has implemented executive  dashboards for SAP Business Objects Global Services clients such as  Allstate, Pfizer, Aviva Canada, McKesson, Ryder Logistics, the US  Airforce, McKesson, Medtronics, and Schering Plough.  (Mico will be at  the ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando)


Renald WittwerRenald  Wittwer Independent Consultant Germany
After years of module  consulting and ABAP developing he specialized on the interface of R/3 to  the Internet. Especially BSPs and WebDynpro ABAP are his focus. He is  the author of the SAP-Press book “Mastering SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0  Application Development” (German and English) He hosted two very  interesting sessions at SAP Inside Track Bonn (OpenStreetMaps with  WebDynpro Flash Islands) He will be at Sapphire in Frankfurt.  


Fabio FernandesFábio  Fernandes Neoris Brazil
Fábio has 14 years of SAP experience  mainly creating and managing international IT services with core  technical skills of strategically selling, account management, budget  control, contractual negotiation and opportunity development. He will  strengthen the SAP Mentor presence in South America. (He will be at  TechEd in Las Vegas.)



Ann RosenbergAnn  Rosenberg SAP Denmark
As a Global Business Process Management  Lead at SAP, Ann Rosenberg is responsible for the Business Process  Management, Business Architect,  Enterprise Architect, SAP  implementation and Value Management methodology/ governance  frameworks  which are offered and used in the SAP community globally. She has design  the SAP BPX certification program for associate and professional which  are being teach globally to the SAP Community, and she is the head and  founder of the SAP Global University Alliance BPM and Enterprise  Architecture curriculum which are being roll-out to 900 universities  globally.

Ann Rosenberg is Vice Chair of the Open Group Business  Architect Group and External Lecturer in Business Process Management at  the IT University of Copenhagen and teaching assistant at Copenhagen  Business School.

Ann Rosenberg has published the book “Business  Process Management – The SAP Roadmap” and will in July 2010 publish the  book “Real World BPM in an SAP Environment”.  (She will be at Sapphire  in Orlando)   


Greg ChaseGreg  Chase SAP, Palo Alto USA
Greg handles developer marketing for SAP  tools with a special focus of helping partners enhance their business  utilizing SAP developer technologies.  Greg is expert in helping  partners create and position service offerings, and marketing to the SAP  customer base to win more projects.  Greg has been in technology  marketing and sales for over 12 years, the past 4 years at SAP. He was  one of the most active participants and organizer of last year’s process  design slam at TechEd.  (He will be at Sapphire in Orlando)


Joerg NalikJoerg  Nalik SAP Labs, Palo Alto  USA
Joerg is a long time SAP  employee, working now in the Global Ecosystem and Partner Group as  Director for Infrastructure Technologies. He advises SAP’s partners and  SAP internally on a wide range of network and other infrastructure  technologies, has some interest in cloud management and helps driving  publications of SAP technology guidelines for partners. He is the  overall technical Editor for the Best-Built Application Guidelines and  the ALM chapter responsible. (Ref.  He is leading one of the pre-conference partner sessions at the ASUG  Annual Conference in Orlando.  


 John AstillJohn  Astill SAP Employee SAP Labs Washington DC.
John has been  involved in development, both hardware and software development since  1988. He has been working on technology as diverse as communications  systems in Nuclear Submarines to Sustainability Reports. You may have  seen him on stage during a Demo Jam or actively engaged in the SAP  Networking Lounges in the SCN Clubhouse at TechEd. Additional Skills:  Scripting tools and SAP widget engine. (He will be again at SAP TechEd  Las Vegas.)

See you all at the next SAP  Mentor Monday.

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  • Welcome SAP Mentors! I’m glad to see representation from so many different parts of the world. Hope to meet you in person at some of the upcoming events!