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In order to analyse you issue SAP support will need to analyse the ISA session for the issue that you are facing. In ensure that your issue is analysed quickly it is important to provide a session log when creating a support message. Further information on this can be found in SAP support note 1091792.

How to create an ISA session log

  • Login to the Admin are of the application. In this case we will use the B2B application as an example.



  • Select the Logging option .


  • Select the Session logging tab.

  • Start the application

  • Reproduce the issue in webshop . The issue should be reproduced from the login process until the error occurs.  This will catch all information required to analyse the issue .

  • After simulating your problem, you can carry out the ‘Download’ of the session in the ‘ISA Logging Administration’ window.For example,session-2002-11   


Once the session log has been created and downloaded this can be used to trouble shoot the application. By searching the session log you can find any errors that may occur . For example a runtime exception in the webshop would be caught .  This can assist you in finding a quick solution to any issue that you may face and errors can be used in searching for SAP notes.                             



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