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How change logs helped me in Statutory Audits

The other day, a super user in Accounting asked me if there is a log of all changes stored in SAP somewhere. My general answer was “Yes, somewhere definitely”. 

The user described that auditors want to know how many times fiscal periods in FI were opened? Who opened them? etc.

Previously, the users had just shown them what controls are in place and how are they implemented – authorization restrictions; automated period opening programs, etc. But this time they wanted to actually see a log.

And guess what? I found something which I was totally ignorant about.

Change Logs for table changes! 

In transaction OB52, just go to the Menu Bar and click on ‘Utilities’ and then on ‘Change logs’. 


You are now at the selection screen of the report program. 


Enter the Start and End dates. Include the time if you want. In the output options, you have two check boxes (if you are on ECC 6.0, there are three of them):


  • “Only actual changes”
  • “Append table changes”


As far as I have understood, checking only the “Only actual changes” checkbox will give you a log of real SAP users who have changed the periods using OB52 or a standard transaction.

Clicking on “Append table changes” gives you all changes including those done through programs.

Knowing this meant a lot for us. We practically saved all the programming effort (or effort of explaining to the auditors) required to get this log. 

I am sure logs are available for other tables too; but I don’t know whether all of them have that feature. Check it out when you are in need.  

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