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Between You and Me: 2010 FIFA World Cup predictor and more!

If you’ve been following my “Between You and Me” blog series in the BOC Newsletter, you’ll know I’m a big sports fan – the bigger the event, the better. I’ve followed the Olympics in my Between You and Me: Words of Wisdom from Olympic Athletes and saw how enthusiastically the Xcelsius Challenge – Get ready to be amazed! when we merged topics like Olympics and dashboarding.

Nowadays, it’s difficult not to know about the FIFA World Cup held in South Africa. I love the game of football (or soccer) as well, and had the fortune of coaching a team of 6-8 year old boys in Vancouver during my university years.  I remember pouring rain, muddied uniforms, mayhem on the field, and also the exhilaration on the faces of those young players when let loose in full sprints.

Whether or not you’re a football/soccer fan, here’s something from SAP that will surely give you a new perspective on the game. Also, this will give you a greater appreciation of how some of SAP’s tools can be applied to deliver visually stunning insight to users.

SAP brings you a 2010 Football Experience! (You’ll need to register first.)

Here is what you’ll see and get once you’ve logged in:



Explore the history of the World Cup matches with detailed data dating back nearly 50 years. Find interesting facts to challenge your colleagues as you learn more about the game.


(Developed with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer)



Use up-to-date insight to make your predictions for the matches in this online predictor model. Submit your answers and compare your thoughts with the community.


(Developed with SAP Crystal Dashboard Design)



Analyze successful shot location by match from pitch and goal perspective for your favourite teams. Discover potential strengths or weaknesses to exploit in upcoming matches.


(Developed with SAP Crystal Reports)


I thought these were all really cool! I especially like the Predictor! Note that “information on world soccer contained in this Web site is for entertainment and information purposes only.” So, as fun and informative as it is, I wouldn’t risk any money wagering on game outcomes based on this information alone.

Interested in 2010 World Cup content developed by community members? Check out Kalyan Verma’s FIFA World Cup 2010 Match Finder using Xcelsius.

Also check out Mark Yolton’s GOOOAL! SAP TechEd Registration Now Open of the World Cup to SAP TechEd.

Enjoy the World Cup games!

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  • I really like this use case for Explorer and Xcelsius.  I should use these examples in my business presentations to Mexico, Brazil and South Africa!

    Keep them coming!

    • Hi DSK,
      This is hosted on the site, so you’ll have to register with your email address (if you’ve registered before using the same email address, this will be recognized, and you can get your password resetted if you need). Your SDN ID will not work for this site.