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In BPC we have both Input Schedule and Reports and based on the user requirement, we sometimes provide the single link for both Input Schedule/Reports. This can be achieved in two different ways:

  • Simple way is to embed all input schedule/reports in the single worksheet.
  • And another is make use of EVMNU or EVHOT.

In the first scenario, it happens that file size becomes too big though from SP06 we can increase the file size from ADMIN client. Also if we are making use of EV functions for sending and refreshing data we have to ensure that only that particular sheet data will get refreshed/send.

EVHOT function will only open Reports which should be present in the LOCAL Section i.e. Path should be “C:\Documents and Settings\(Username)\My Documents\BPC\AppInfo\(AppsetName)\(ApplicationName)\eEXCEL\Reports\Wizard\”  

EVMNU function gives much wider aspect in both Report and Input Schedule. Here we can use OPENFILE macro which also uses the LOCAL Section. It doesn’t mean that we need to save the input schedules/reports in local folder each and every time.  Below is the simple procedure where it explains the use of OPENFILE without saving the input templates/reports in LOCAL Section of WIZARD.

How to use OPENFILE in EVMNU
  • Create the folder under WIZARD of input schedule/report in COMPANY Section

  • Save the Input Schedule/Report under newly created folder. It will ask to increase the template version. Click YES for that.

  •  Now go to LOCAL Section and you will find same set of folder and the template is created there also

  • Now we can easily use EVMNU function in templates

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