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Google Analytics is an SAP Customer Service Agent’s Best Friend

Wouldn’t it be awesome if through some amazing telepathic feat of  technology you could be alerted to the fact that one of your customers  is starting to get really anxious about the delivery of their order?   You then surprise them with a proactive phone call and work them through  their delivery anxieties?  Well, you can if your customers are using  your real time integrated SAP Order Management website to check status  and it is hooked up to Google Analytics. 

Earlier this year, I blogged about how I used Google Goals to learn just  how valuable the “checking of order status” was to our client’s  customers…and hence to b2b2dot0’s clients.  Today I’m raising the ante  on the value that Google Analytics (GA) can provide to the proactive  Customer Services organization.

It’s actually pretty simple.

There are three technical prerequisites to making this happen (of  course they come standard with b2b2dot0’s service):

  1. Make sure you have a unique page where your customers go to  check their order status.
  2. Pass the SAP Sales Order number to GA
  3. Pass the (segmented) user’s id to a “user defined”  field in GA 

You can then easily prepare the following filtered “Top Content”  report in GA.


It takes a look at a single day (in this case June 7, 2010), filters  all website content to display just orders that were checked for status,  provides the userid that placed the order and then sorted by Pageviews  in descending order.

On this particular day, we see user “swakser” logged into our website  twice and checked the status of order #509321 45 times!  Holy  moly!  You think we should ring him/her up and find out what’s going  on?  (Actually, in this case we won’t because the “I” designation  before the userid tells me that this is an “internal” user.  They’re  probably using our application to check on status on behalf of their  customer).  Next in line is user “jwilkinson” who checked on order#  493727 7 times on June 7th.  We definitely should ring him up and  see if there is something we could do to help him out.

To make things even more convenient, Google Analytics enables me to  schedule the delivery of this report to my (and anyone else’s) email  inbox on a regular basis.  The following screen shot is where, and how,  you enable that:


There you have it.  Everyday when I walk into the office, (or  check my blackberry en route to the office :-)), I get a short list  of opportunities to delight my customers.  I’m sure they’d love to know  that you’re as concerned about the status of their orders as they are.

Don’t have time to be this proactive?  Maybe that’s because you’re  too busy answering your customers’ inquiries via phone and email.   That’s a whole other discussion 🙂


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