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Portal Web Folder – Making KM Content Available like a local folder



The folder you are looking for has no displayable content.

You can try one of the following:

0.1. Access the folder as a Web folder. Your operating system and browser dictate whether or not this will work.

(screen1: URL to access KM documents)


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  • Hi,

    Another way to acheive this is to do the following in your Internet Explorer:
    1/ File Menu
    2/ Select Open
      2.1 Check : “Open as Web Folder”
      2.2 Past the URL you gave
    3/ Press OK buton

    That’s it.


  • Hi thanks i was lookig for this kind of solutions, your weblog helped ma a lot.
    i final quastion i want to give the particular folder rights to a power user where he can upload all the docs related to his office, when i assign Content Manager role to him he gets access to full KM. how can i restrict him only to that folder?
    • An Update!
      i set read permission to the root folder “Document” so that all the users can read the documents in this folder and then i set “Full control” to the folder (FORMS)which the end user must upload the data, but when the user access the link for eg. he is able to do anything in the folder and also in any other portal, same ways any user can do any thing in it read / delete / upload etc.
      auth. is not working? is restart reqd?