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innojagd: a focused challenge!

Just found this in my inbox and thought I would share, as I started the whole “innojagd” I often got/get asked what type of innovations and my answer is always “every type” of innovation so with this mail I thought I could at least give you a focused challenge to play with as well!

The non-profit Seeker organization, First12, is interested in gaining the help and input of the Solvers in order to build a web-based tool for efficient discovery of open educational resources found on the web. The impact of this work has the potential to be dramatic. The resulting solution could be an important platform component for 21st century learning systems and have applications in both developing and developed countries. The solution could potentially both increase the viability of individualized education, and decrease the cost of delivering relevant learning resources.

This one has a $10,000 prize attached so have a look at the challenge!

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  • Hello Craig,
    on the page you have mentioned, there is a link saying First 12, which is dead (at least I cannot see anything). Maybe you could fix this so we could check the details?:))
    Thank you for sharing, I welcome this type of competition. Keep going!
    Regards Otto
    • Hi Otto,

      Thanks for pointing that out! We’ve now fixed the First12 link. Note that to see the challenge details, you’ll need to be logged into the Innocentive site (separate from SCN login).


    • to me first12 apears to have had an exact life span of 22 days. once. since then it seems to be practically dead for exactly 798 days. apart from that the site, called and immediately redirected to (hosted at google sites) appears to be pretty broken once you reach it.

      to me this looks kind of dubious and I would not share any idea with them.

      the general of innojagd sounds nice to me though.

    • Hi All,

      This is John Mayerhofer.  I think it may be helpful if I clarify a few things.

      (1)  First12 is a project of a 501(c)3 (charitable) Non-profit organization.   This is clearly stated on the website.  The entity is called Clearport.  No one at Clearport gets a salary, or ever has gotten a salary.  All tax returns (990s) for this and other non-profits are available on guidestar by the way.  Clearport is not a commercial entity.  The basic function of Clearport has been to tie together volunteers to implement systems for small non-profits.  Certain volunteers for Clearport are interested in education and educational reform, and thus this challenge was born.  First12 was not originally pursued as a commercial project as it was deemed more likely to succeed and have broader impact as a non-profit project.  I hope that was stated in the challenge text on Innocentive (view the challenge detail), the IP, and a running service if there is a winner, will be freely available to the public for use by schools and other educational institutions.

      (2) The challenge prize of $10,000 will be paid by SAP directly to the winner, via Innocentive.  This is one of many efforts for the public good that SAP supports.  No money will be going through First12.

      I’ll monitor this thread and gladly address any other questions that you may have.  This challenge is for the public good, so I hope that our community members will objectively look at this challenge, and perhaps even compete by producing an excellent service.

      I hope this helps address the questions (and implicit concerns) that you had.

      Thanks, John