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Before we could work on PI JDBC scenarios,  we have to deploy JDBC drivers.

First we need to find the sda file in the PI installation media :  (PI 7.1)

aii_af_jmsproviderlib.sda  (PI 7.0)



Then use a zip/unzip tool, add the JDBC driver jars.

 Edit provider.xml, locate all the jar files.



And then upload it to the PI server path /usr/sap/trans/EPS/in, deploy it with JSPM in PI 7.1, or SDM in PI 7.0.

But maybe you can problem to deploy it. And search lots of  information about JSPM.

How to deploy it after you update the Java patch level, or you want to update the sda with more jdbc drivers?

The version information is under META-INF.

There is a number string 7.1100.20081021173332.0000 for PI 7.1 Enhancement Package 1. After you update SP05 for example,  you can not deploy a component with version 7.1100. So replace 7.1100 with a larger number like 7.1105. 

For PI 7.0, PI 7.0 Enhancement Package1 and PI 7.1, you can do the similar thing.

And then deploy it easily.

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