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CE 7.2 – My First Impression with SAP BPM

In this month, I start to demystifying the SAP CompositionEnvironment 7.2, in special the BPM Engine (Process Composer). Compared with previously version (CE 7.1), this version brings a lot of facilities for design and monitoring new processes.



Inside Netweaver Developer Studio, we have a series ofwizards, eg. creating a simple Message Trigger or a complex UI automatically.We can assemble a new simple process in a few hours, which previously would take a days to be done.

  • Support RFC Service Interface;
  • The Reporting Activity type, extremely vital to perform the analysis of a process;
  • The Notification Activity type, used to send notifications from a step process flow to a particular actor into the process (user, role orgroup);
  • Inside BRM, the possibility to create a Flow Ruleset and script test for rules validation, without generating a process instance tovalidate it;
  • Visual Composer and Adobe Interactive Forms UI support;
  • Standard Datasource for process engine monitoring;

In this link, you can see some BPM samples use-cases. 




Simple way to integrate native and custom Datasources.




But I found a negative point. A new license request is not available to CE7.2 Trial version!

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  • Thanks Yuri for your impressions,

    Looks like this version has a much more solid set of tools to work with in a real world BPM scenario.

    Congrats, best regards,
    Marlo Simon.