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Hi folks !!!

I was a happy developer working with Web Page Composer until I got the error “413 Request Entity too large” while publishing a Web Page. Ahh !! Time to knock your brain!!!

WPC Error

After some thoughts I realized that there were huge Java Script files which were linked to some HTML’s assigned to container of the Web Page Composer. It’s familiar that the Java scripts get embedded within the sections. Removing Java Scripts was not an option as it was needed for the functionality.

In Portal, the size of the MaxRequestHeadersLength is around 16KB (16384 bytes), as specified in Visual Admin. The value may vary.  To view this entry login to Visual Admin and Navigate to “Dispatcher -> Services -> HTTP Provider -> MaxRequestHeadersLength”. The error occurred because the length of the HTTP Request header in the Web page was greater than the length specified in the MaxRequestHeadersLength

Hence the only option left was to change the length of the MaxRequestHeadersLength to a slightly higher value than the default value and voila!!!! I hit a jackpot!!! The error no more occurred when I tried to publish the Web page.

Visual Adin Config

Hope this small piece of information is useful for someone!! I am a happy developer again !!!

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  1. Former Member
    You should remove the javascript from your page source and include it as a javascript file.

    1. will minimize the page size
    2. will allow browsers to cache the javascript
    3. makes it reusable.

    Also, just changing the request header size urges that you also take a look at the configuration of your dispatcher.



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