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Why I Love The Planned Sybase Acquisition

This is going to be fun…

As a software product manager focused on the distribution and eStore channels, I’m really excited to see this acquisition of Sybase.

By getting a database of this calibre in our kit bag, this opens up some exciting possibilities to bundle BI with Sybase database technologies to provide more value to our mutual customer base.

Sybase customers will likely see BI improvements across their product line, and SAP BusinessObjects/SAP Crystal Solutions customers will likely see world class database technology included or made available across this product line.

It’s way to early to predict any specifics of what form the integration might take.  Stuff might be bundled together, or sold separately while being more tightly integrated.  Reality will probably be a bit of both.  We aren’t allowed to talk to Sybase folks until the deal closes, so everything here is pure speculation.

However the product and channel synergies between the database and BI businesses are real, obvious, and exciting.  And I haven’t even wrapped my head around the mobile offerings yet!

I’m sure that the SAP BusinessObjects/SAP Crystal Solutions portfolio will continue its focus on open data access, regardless if you’re using SAP BW, Sybase, Oracle, SQL Server, or anything else to store your data.

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  • Forget the DB – let’s get IQ bundled – it’s a great product, just ignored due to being part of a database that nobody cares about any more.
    • Hi Andrew. Seems you have experience with Sybase IQ, and may be you could clear my doubts.
      I am reading “SAP Acquiring Sybase, Rocking the Analytics Market with Deep Synergies” blog post by James Kobielus (Forrester):

      One statement caught my attention: “…the vendor [Sybase] has scaled out Sybase IQ—the columnar heart of its EDW portfolio—through distributed parallel processing into petabyte territory. …”. Wow! Is that so? Is Sybase IQ scalable to Petabytes?

      Thank you.

      • Not much experience – a company I used to work for looked at partnering with Sybase. I attended a few workshops. My interest was in the speed of query and the clever indexing methods (IIRC correctly, they had 13 types of index). I spoke to some guys from HSBC who were using it to analyse banking transactions – huge record sets, no delays.

        The speed is also due to the lack of ACID compliance – it’s basically a read only database, so no need to worry about transactions.

        When they talk about Terabytes, I’d guess they’re talking about the source data. The single column stuff is coupled with compression so you have a much smaller database to query against.

        Perhaps I’m the kiss of death to interesting products like this? I looked at Set Analysis in the late ’90s. Used Crystal to query against it – again, clever indexing. Sadly, BO bought it and now it’s tucked away on the install disk. No development effort in years – what a waste.