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It’s a New World

No we are not talking about Bryan Adam’s song ‘Here I Am’ which has this phrase.
But the content in this blog will try to convey the same message as the song.

Ok, no more holding back, The New World which I’m talking about is SAP’s product for Mid size businesses named as Business ByDesign( ByD )

Around few months back I got a new project which is about developing country specific versions of ByD ( we call it as Globalization, although it is localization ). By virtue of this project I’m getting an opportunity to learn\ work on the latest technologies at SAP.Moving from traditional ERP development to new age development paradigm ( usage of 4GL’s, Service Oriented Architecture ) is a sea change in itself.

After spending few weeks into learning\ understanding the product, following are the features which caught my attention immediately and convinced me to say WOW….

a) All you need is a Internet connection( User License Assumed ๐Ÿ™‚ ):

Isn’t that amazing, you don’t need 10 hours installation procedure, high end hardware, lots of computing power and energy guzzling servers.
Just log onto net, type URL, LogIn and your App is running.
After reading and hearing a lot about Cloud, SaaS this is the first time I saw a practical application of it.

b) Everything in One Box:

This is one thing which is undoubtedly the best feature, Forget the hassles of creating multiple BP’s in each system, maintaining RFC’s, ALE’s, IDoC’s etc.
Whole Suite in one system will reduce the efforts in the area of integration, master data maintenance etc.

c) 100 % Service Oriented Architecture:

Coming to technology behind the product; Whole ByD is designed using Model Driven Approach, you first model business objects, define their attributes, methods in one place( Design Time ); then generate their proxies in another place and create actual implementations of services using service implementation frameworks provided ( Run Time ).

Interaction between business objects is done in the form of XML messages.

Those who say eSOA is dead, should look at technical implementation of ByD. You will find an application where eSOA is living and thriving.

d) Thinking in terms of End To End Scenarios:

Earlier in ERP we only used to think about our module\ product and then we leave it to others to figure out how to integrate modules together to create a scenario.

In ByD, talk is in terms of end to end scenarios like Order To Cash, Make To Stock to name a few.
In my opinion this will be the game changing aspect, as said earlier you don’t have to worry about integrating various modules, standard scenarios using different components are already preconfigured for you.

e) Intuitive and Easy UI’s:

Check out ByD UI Screens and you will be amazed to see a new SAP. Gone are the days, when to create a simple object you will get a screen with complex terminology and lots of tabs. In ByD using QAF ( Quick Activity Floorplan ) you can create any object by providing only mandatory information and then later on can enter all required info in detail using OIF( Object Instance Floorplan ).
Not only this you will see features like Auto Suggest Options in Drop Down Lists and F4 helps etc.
From FP 2.5 ByD will be using advanced Microsoft SilverLight UI controls which will enhance the user experience.

My journey into ByD arena has just begun, and I presume that there will be exciting\ challenging times ahead.

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    1. Former Member Post author
      I’m not aware if demo applications are hosted over net, but you can find more information about ByD at
  1. Former Member
    Sounds interesting. Does it have MS Office integration? Preferably sending emails.
    What about connectivity to other ERP systems? Like Oracle Financials?

    How easy it is to integrate with user’s existing IT software with on demand software?


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