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Business Architecture for Healthcare

Business Process Modeling, Business Process Management and community-based collaboration in BPM have been discussed on BPX already in the past. Here some examples:

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At SAP there is a new tendency to look at industries, like healthcare, not only from a SAP solution perspective (inside-out view), but also to have a product-independent outside-in perspective. This outside-in perspective is driven by thinking in business processes landscapes, buisness process flows and SOA. To be able to create a credible outside-in view, community engagement is the choosen approach.

I’m taking the lead to facilitate and drive the create of a business process library for healthcare. Healthcare currenlty for us means healthcare providers (hospitals, labs, …), life science companies (pharmaceuticals, medical devices, ..) and health insurance. The business process library is planned to be created in 4 phases:

1. Business Process Maps for Healthcare Providers

2. Business Process Maps for Life Science Companies and Health Insurances

3. High Level Business Process Flows for all three areas

4. SOA model for all three areas

 The next steps in this iniative are:

– Find a committed core team

– Create a value proposition 

– Create a governance model 

– Finding the right collaboration platform

– Choose a modeling tool

I will use my blog on BPX to keep you in the loop on the progress of this initiative and are looking forward to your comment and participation.

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