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Author's profile photo Jim Spath

Vinnie Mirchandani podcast – post Sapphire / ASUG musings

I drag my Zoom H3 MP3/WAV recorder around with me for occasional opportunities like this – a 15 minute mind meld with Vinnie Mirchandani.

A few bullet points / outtakes from our chat:


On the Conference


  • [Sapphire conference] logistics were phenomenal
  • … met Hasso, McDermott, Vishal
  • my job is to be cynical
  • “what did I miss?”


  • nagging question: $75 – $100 billion per year – are customers getting enough?

On the SAP Mentors program


  • incredibly diverse group, fascinating to see …

Bloggers and the example of larger communities


  • vibrant community
  • speak from your heart


What now?

  • “Neutral” [opinions]
  • [should one be ] pulling punches?
  • the more balanced you are the better


We talked about the conference, and about Vinnie’s book, though the meat of the conversation, for me, was around how and what should people be writing? The SAP Mentors are a prolific bunch, but what should our peers and contacts be saying to and about SAP?  In what format?  How does one cut through the noise to isolate the critical signals of future application software and business process evolution?


The MP3 link should be in the blog header, but in case you can’t see it, here it is again:


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      Author's profile photo Dennis Howlett
      Dennis Howlett quickly the time flew by listening to this podcast. Excellent conversation with topics well covered.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      thank you for being a leader in opening more channels of communication for the rest of SDNers. any plans to make a stop in CT? i pass Stanley Black & Decker HQ every day, so when you are in the neighborhood just drop me a note.
      it was also good to hear from Vinnie and i'm hoping he would continue keeping both SAP and Oracle (and other ingredients of the IT MISO soup) honest for the rest of us. i have strong opinions about all of them, too. you both made good comments about the ecosystem and you are quickly becoming a more powerful voice than all the marketing budgets combined. this is not too shabby considering how much is actually spent on enterprise IT. i know how a delicate walk it is as i'm still associated with one of the big boys, so no criticism there. only one word of caution or risk that we are all facing - groupthink. it's nice to keep congratulating ourselves on how great a job we are all doing, but the audience at large will see through any bogus assertions, so let's stay honest versus each other. but i think i'm just echoing what Vinnie was saying in the interview. in any event, you are always welcome to punch holes in what i write.

      Author's profile photo Jim Spath
      Jim Spath
      Blog Post Author
      Greg:  Thanks for the feedback.  Vinnie's challenge to stay neutral conflicts with the idea of "groupthink" in a subtle way.  Being neutral certainly implies shining positive and negative lights, without being derogatory, though even more important, one needs to arrive at the conclusions through independent analysis, not through the common "me too" refrain.  I hope you rarely see me parrot anyone else's thought, except to amplify my case.
      As for travel to the "new" HQ, we'll see.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks Jim, this was an excellent podcast.  I'm a Vinnie fan and I always enjoy hearing his insightful comments and opinions.
      Author's profile photo Jon Reed
      Jon Reed

      Truly excellent - I look forward to more of your podcasts, and doing more of them together. This conversation had a refreshing pace and frankness to it. I loved the discussion about balance and "blogging from the heart" - which I see as trying to find your angle and break through the noise a bit. It was cool hearing Vinnie's perceptions of the SAP Mentors from the outside.