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The Full Monty – Part 7 – Upgrade to SP6

Previous blog,  The Full Monty – Part 6 – SPAM & Kernel Update

There is much information on SDN about updating Support Packs, so i am not going to repeat any here, however, if I run into any problems, then they will be documented.

This blog may cause some controversy with SAP, as I managed to bypass the NSP licence check. I cannot tell you exactly how I did it, as I run a risk of this blog being pulled.


I downloaded the four SP4 files required from the SAP Market Place.

Note, your SAP User ID will need to have the proper privilages to see these.

Below is the path to the parent nodes for each of the files to download

Support Packages and Patches – Entry by Application Group->SAP NetWeaver->SAP NETWEAVER->SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.0->Entry by Component->Business Intelligence

Here are the files for SP4

  • K-70104INPIBASIS.SAR (PI_BASIS 7.01->Support Packages)
  • KA70104.SAR (SAP ABA 7.01->Support Packages)
  • KB70104.SAR (SAP BASIS 7.01->Support Packages)
  • KW70104.SAR (SAP BW 7.01->Support Packages)

From looking at the current “Package level” in the Support Package Manager, transaction SPAM->Package level (button), you can work out what each file is for.


I began with one file, the SAP_BASIS (PI_BASIS 7.01) – KB70104.SAR upgrade, as is recommended. And as with the SPAM update, I logged on as DDIC, client 000, and ran SPAM, then I loaded the KB70104.SAR Support Pack->Load Packages->From FrontEnd. Once uploaded, I chose “Decompress” and upon successful decompression, I checked the “New Support Package”, SPAM->Display (button).



I selected the “SAPKB70104” node, and Package->Calculate Queue, and got the following “…missing mainteance certificate” message and screen.



It’s because I am trying to upgrade the NSP which is not intended for upgrading.

To overcome this, I found one of the function modules responsible for the license check, and stuck a break point at a particular line of code.

I re-ran SPAM, and each time the break point was hit, I substituted a “subrc” variable’s returned value of 1, to 0, and continued (F8). This is done numerous times throughout the whole process.

I returned back to displaying the “New Support Pack”, and once again, selected the SAPKB70104 node, and Package->Calculate Queue. This time, I did not get the “License error”.


I accepted (“Tick” Icon) the one and only Package currently loaded.

Selected “No” to the “…Modification Adjustment …”


Finally, my Support Package Module was added into the Queue, ready for importing.


I continued to import the Support Package Module, Support Package->Import Queue

I chose to change the options so it would run in background, in case of a dialog timeout, so I chose “Start Options”


“Start in background immediately”



“Tick” to continue, a couple of changes to the “save_subrc”, and off the import began.


Now if you ever wonder, if the NSP is actually doing anything, or sitting there, frozen, you can check SM50, for activity. Also, in “c:usrsap     ranslog”, you will find logs being created and updated as progress is made.

SAP_BASIS took about 70 mins.

Next I did the SAP_ABAP, then the Plug-In and finally the BW.

Upon the completion of each of the imports, I was prompted to “Confirm”, Support Package->Confirm, and that was it. All patched up to SP4.


Going from SP4 to SP5, after downloading the appropriate files, I simply added all the Support Package Modules to the queue, and let SAP get on with it.

  • KA70105.SAR
  • KB70105.SAR
  • KW70105.SAR

After a couple of hours, I returned and saw I encountered the following error, in SPAM


I checked the Transport Logs, Goto->Import Logs->Queue


It somehow pointed me to the TMS, and I found that the TMS was inconsistent, so I Updated it. STMS->Overview->Systems->Selected NSP node->System>Update Configuration (Ctrl F2). Not sure if it had any bearing on fixing the problem. You will see why next.

I switched off the machine, and decided to debug the problem tomorrow.

I returned after a day, powered up the NSP, logged on again with DDIC,client 000. Put the break point in the special function module, and restarted SPAM and the import. When prompted to change the “Start Options”, I decided to run the process, this time, in the foreground “dialog”, to my surprise, the import continued without a problem, and finished successfully, for me to finally “Confirm”, of which I did.


Just followed the same procedure as with SP5, except with the SP6 files

  • KA70106.SAR
  • KB70106.SAR
  • KW70106.SAR

This time left it for about two hours, returned, and resfreshed SPAM, did a “Confirm”.

Here’s the “pudding”


 Continue to my next blog…

The Full Monty – Part 8 – BI Content

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      Please let me know the function module name for the license check of maintenance certificate.

      " To overcome this, I found one of the function modules responsible for the license check, and stuck a break point at a particular line of code.

      I re-ran SPAM, and each time the break point was hit, I substituted a "subrc" variable's returned value of 1, to 0, and continued (F8). This is done numerous times throughout the whole process."

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      email me here., as i need to control this