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Watch that stream become a wave

Hello  everyone!

We  are excited to be working to support the Google Wave Federation  Protocol  in SAP  StreamWork to let tools – collaboration or business – work   seamlessly between any wave server, including Google Wave!  With SAP   StreamWork, we help business be more productive by letting people  drive  decisions together.  Since our first BETA announcement a number of   months ago we have been constantly   compared to Google Wave, due to the  real-time characteristics of  the collaboration patterns we use.  While products each  have a   different focus, they are also naturally complementary, and from  the  moment we saw Google Wave we were excited about the possibilities  of  connecting the two. This year’s Google I/O was our first  opportunity to  tell the story of how we plan to work collaboratively  with Google, the  Wave Federation Protocol, and OpenSocial.

For  those of you who are not familiar with SAP StreamWork, it is  aimed at  transforming the way people work. When Google  developed  Google Wave it asked the question, “What would e-mail, instant   messenger, and collaborative document creation look like if it were   invented in the 21st century?” Similarly, SAP asked the question, “How  can people solve  important business decisions in a natural, fluid way,  making every day  more effective and fun?”. SAP StreamWork is a new  on-demand,  collaborative decision-making application that brings  together people  inside or outside your organization with information  for fact-based  decision-making and interactive business tools for  collecting feedback,  strategizing, and brainstorming, and is available  today in a free version for anyone.   It is also fully extensible by developers using open REST APIs.  in a business context

Many  of you make decisions every day, using a range of tools, from  e-mail, to white  boards, to shouting matches, to business applications  and business  intelligence.  We get the work done, but it often becomes  chaotic and  hard to follow and can hinder clear decisions.  Wave is  modernizing  collaborative communication; SAP is modernizing business.  SAP StreamWork brings together  people, information and proven business  methodologies to help teams  naturally and fluidly work toward goals and  outcomes. Teams can assess  situations together, develop strategies and  make clear decisions, with a  full record of what transpired. What  better idea than to include anyone  with a wave account?

So  this is how we see you rolling in the near future: A supplier  just  notified you they couldn’t deliver materials that you need  tomorrow to continue  production.  Crap!  You bring that context fluidly  into SAP StreamWork  and assemble a team, bringing experts in that  industry to see who might  have capacity.  Some of the people you know  are registered as Google Wave users – instead  of having to enter a  different system, the business  discussion complete with analytical and  business tools show up in their wave inbox.  It no longer matters where  people are, or what tools  they prefer – they can safely make decisions,  in real-time, and directly  drive the business applications that run  the largest companies in the  world.  Now that feels like an  improvement, yeah?

At  this year’s Google I/O we showed the beginnings of this.    But, what exactly, are we talking about?

Passing  the Wave (Wave Federation):

At I/O we showed how  SAP StreamWork has added a Wave Server to  the platform to enable conversations between SAP  StreamWork and other  Wave servers. In SAP StreamWork a user starts an  Activity where in they  invite other participants to collaborate with  them on a work activity  like making a business decision. The group can  then add the data and  tools to guide them through the decision process.  When an activity is  created, StreamWork creates a new wave and federates the  content of  that Activity to the Wave server of any Wave users that may  have been  invited to that activity. With this integration Wave users  will be able  to seamlessly collaborate with SAP StreamWork users to work  on the  important decisions they need to make every day.

Go  Go Gadget!  (Gadget / Method Interoperability):

In order to ensure  that content from an Activity or wave is properly  federated between each other, we had to  ensure that the content found  in both systems was compatible with each  other, and this included Wave Gadgets and StreamWork Methods. Wave Gadgets are shared programs  that run inside waves, and are very comparable to StreamWork Methods which are business tools that run   inside StreamWork Activities. Theproof of concept will show the  compatibility between a  StreamWork business method being federated over  to  Google Wave. We intend to create a generic compatibility  between  StreamWork Methods, and Wave and OpenSocial Gadgets so that  developers  will be able to ensure that gadgets or methods built for one  system  will work in the other.

These are the early  days with our Wave Federation Protocol support  and we are still in proof of concept  stage, but we are  excited to  discover together with you how Wave, OpenSocial and StreamWork   naturally extend each other, and we intend to deliver value to our   customers, based on this work, within the next year. So please let us   know your ideas, and we can figure out how the make the world a little   more productive every day.

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      Author's profile photo Dagfinn Parnas
      Dagfinn Parnas
      Hi David,

      These demoes are very interesting and the Wave protocol integration can be really useful for real real-time decision collaboration.

      Really impressed by the amount of innovation coming from the StreamWorks solution.

      I've held a presentation at 7-8 events (including compete week at Microsoft Norway) in Scandinavia on why Google Wave is interesting in an Enterprise setting. Presentation available at

      What we're seeing now is that the Google Wave protocol is gaining traction and has the potential to become the standard protocol for real-time collaboration between systems from different vendors. This in the same way as SMTP is the protocol that allows e-mail servers from different vendors to communicate.

      Will be interesting to see if other companies follow Google, Novell and SAP in using the Google Wave protocol.

      Dagfinn Parnas
      SAP Mentor

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      We are very excited about the work as well.  We want to let people work wherever they want, with deep ties to SAP systems.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I thought this was a well thought out post. I would be interested in exploring it further if at all possible. I know that Google has almost replaced all other search engines and it gives some of the basic functions with Google Wave that you can do with any program like Microsoft or Corel and even I do believe we have taken on a whole new technological era with all the programs and such that is available to general public.
      Author's profile photo Chris Paine
      Chris Paine

      and excellent blog post - very informative. I'm not sure even that the main StreamWork website has as much information!

      I'd be interested though how the pricing model of the site could continue if Wave interoperability increases - why not just Wave for free when you have to pay for StreamWorks?

      Altogether a very interesting area you are working in!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Your plans sound very interesting. We are currently doing research in the area of ad-hoc activities cross organizations and their temporal coordination and our prototype utilizes Wave (and hopefully soon officially Streamwork by implementing the protcol). Our use case is disaster management, but we think it will also address many other interesting domains, such as ad-hoc supply chains, business networks, military, engineering, european law enforcement, project management/scrum, consumer processes (e.g. marriage, child birth), etc (lots of use cases for those kind of processes!). Keep us informed! Thanks!