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Author's profile photo Jason Cao

My A-Ha moment! The importance of self-discovery.

Recently, I’ve embarked on a journey of self-discovery that has awakened such a state of learning I have not seen since the day my first child was born.

It is as if I’ve just been bitten by a radio-active spider and I’m starting to sense things I haven’t before. My ‘web-slinging’ skills are not yet adept, and I still feel a bit queasy ‘hanging upside-down.’ However, I’m starting to feel more comfortable with this greater sense of awareness in myself, and I have this heightened urge to uncover the hidden capacity of those I interact with. Sounds pretty ‘touchy-feely.’ I know. It’s actually quite transformational!

At a more public level, I’m sharing some of my learning through my “Between You and Me” community column in the SAP BusinessObjects Community Newsletter (Between You and Me: Words of Wisdom from Olympic Athletes, Between You and Me: There’s more to sustainability than Reduce-Reuse-Recycle). I’m always looking for new sources of inspiration.

My wife and I attended the A-Ha concert recently in Toronto, and I later came across this interview with Morten Harket, lead singer of the Norwegian band. I was really impressed by the depth of Morten Harket’s comments around accessing the hidden capacity in all of us. He says, “You represent so much more than you are aware….” Folks, this isn’t Britney Spears (although I do believe she has the ability to become as wise, with all the important lessons she’s picking up in life).

Key insights from the interview that stood out for me:

  • “Are you letting the people you are with…be all they could be, or are you holding them back?”
  • “If you’re honest to yourself… you will be able to make decisions that are better founded than if you make decisions based on what someone else is doing.”
  • “Silence can be a way of communicating.”
  • “Without confidence, there is so little you can do.”
  • “Playful is the key…to having access to your total-self.”
  • “It [the brain] is a great tool if you use it the right way, but don’t let it take over the control.”
I told you this was deep! Personally, I’m going think about how I’m going to ‘practice’ silence in my communication.
What do you take away from this?

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      Author's profile photo Pablo Casamayor
      Pablo Casamayor
      Hi Jason,

      when Morten says:
      "when you talk, you should talk because you have actually something to say"

      this has drawn my atention to the following:
      do all wiki´s and blogs have actually something to say?
      Many of them do but there is certain amount of them that don´t.
      We should keep that in mind.

      Best regards.

      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Pablo,
      I agree. We should always remember that the community exists to provide value to its many members.

      How do we align what one member feels is valuable while another feels its not?


      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      Blog Post Author
      WAIT = Why Am I Talking?
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Jason,
      Thanks for sharing this. I never expect an entertainer with such great insight and thoughtfulness.
      As of your comment of "Personally, I'm going think about how I'm going to 'practice' silence in my communication.", my wife does that all the time when she is upset. Ha ha.


      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Simon,
      You crack me up! 🙂 I bet silence in this case says a lot!
      Author's profile photo Martin Lang
      Martin Lang
      I thoroughly enjoyed this video Jason! Thanks for posting it together with your thoughts!
      Morten mentioned a couple of great thoughts, one picture that stuck with me was the little bird, that wouldn't jump out of the nest if it weren't for having confidence and no doubts. In the animal world many things might be more reflexes and instinct, however it's still a great picture, I believe having confidence in a team, in a leader or leaders of a company, also having confidence in yourself, is indeed a very critical driver for success.
      Author's profile photo Jason Cao
      Jason Cao
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Martin,
      Thank you also for sharing your thoughts around confidence. It's really incredible how infectious confidence can be - think about sports teams. Great teams and organizations are able to harness the power of one and multiply this many times over.


      Author's profile photo Kumud Singh
      Kumud Singh

      Challenge lies in to know - when to speak along with the contents to speak and when to remain silent. This is something I am yet chasing to understand.
      Thanks for the motivational blog.