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Wednesday – #ASUG2010 #SapphireNow

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Before the day really got started today, I planned to have a breakfast with old friends Joel Albert and Butch McNally, and possibly Jon Reed.  Only Joel showed up, and we caught up with our respective business, personal, social and networking worlds.  Joel was a predecessor in the ASUG BITI team, and I owe a lot to his patience, guidance, and just plain genius.  He later attended our session (see below).


Then it was back to the hotel for email and other office fixes, before wandering to the Convention Center for the last time in 2010.  I’m pretty sure I spotted Rod Masney, former ASUG Board Chair, passing in the hallway.  I spoke to Gina Marchese about who might be good video subjects, with Gina suggesting I do some “green screen” work for ASUG.  After having seen what David Letterman and Conan O’Brien can do to people with these cameos, I was a bit nervous, though Gina wore me down.


I shot 3 videos in about 15 minutes; enjoy:


Anjanette Wold




Steve Henderson






Fay Glunt






Session # 0


I attended about 25 minutes of the SAP Mentor briefing on sustainability but needed to get to lunch before Matt Kangas’ (second) session on virtualization at 12:30.  I think my prior blog on the SAP sustainability report for 2009 is still valid.  It would have been great to dive right into the online report and skip all of the preamble, not to mention not being able to drive myself.


Session # 0.1


For a couple reasons, I was only able to see a few minutes of Matt’s session, didn’t get to talk to him, and don’t have the link to his slides.  I’m sure the 20 or so people in the ASUG Booth Broadcast center left more knowledgeable than when they arrived.


Session # 1


Then, at 1PM, an SAP Mentor session on SAP’s Mobile  strategy.  Prashant Chatterjee
 gave us a deep dive, skipping areas he can’t talk about, but being very clear on others.  The question I asked was on SAP organization structure.  He told us the current structure (in a sense) but predicted that Mobile will become more second nature and thus not need specific focus and functions in the future (sorry for the alliteration).









Session # 2



How Black & Decker Streamlined Its SAP Supply Chain Management upgrade

 My colleagues Patricia Pichardo and Eliseo Rosiles presented at 2 PM.  I stayed until it was time to get my room ready for the next session.  Many people asked questions, it was a good sized crowd, and both speakers went through a lot of material quickly.



Session # 3



Mobile    Dashboards on the Mobile Devices


I don’t have pictures of this session, but I can share a few tweets and tidbits:


  • Jae Shin of Samsung and Stephane Perdigeon of SAP talking about Mobile Dashboards at #ASUG2010 #SapphireNow room 109B2 
  • Jae Shin about to do a live demo of a mobile dashboard at #ASUG2010 #SapphireNow – connected to Verizon wireless network. Impressive stuff
  • Jae ran his mobile technologies demo with software from – looks like freeware. Win! #ASUG2010 #SapphireNOW


  Session # 4 and out 


Black & Decker: Compressing Database Objects, Saving Space and Money


Finally, time for us to speak.  It started out slow, with only one person in the room.  I will have to see if the MP4 recording came out.  Once we got started, the flow went pretty well, technical difficulties were minor, and the questions (at the end) were thoughtful.  A lot of preparatory work, and over as quick as you think.





Finally, a parting hug for Mike Prosceno, who arranges it all, and gets it done.  He looks happy to be ready to head out of town though.




Business card corner – Wednesday


Soumyajit Rakshit – possible TechEd speaker

Jae Shin – Samsung SDS America

Mukund Shinde – possible speaker

Scott Bolick – VP, SAP Sustainability



And one more thing…


I loved seeing the vintage Carlos Santana film clips from Woodstock, interspersed with the live version of Soul Sacrifice.


Catch Carlos at Woodstock on DVD, or a legal download site near you…

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Congrats on being named ASUG Tweetmaster too.
      Thank you for everything, Jim!  Great videos, great pictures... did forget one thing...send me your address for BITI Doctors without Borders contribution 🙂