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Tuesday – #ASUG2010 #SapphireNow – Midway

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Session 1

My first session of the day was on Solution Manager.  Bright and early at 8:00, it was well attended, though the front row was empty.  During the session I tweeted with fellow mentor, and  Phil Gleadhill’s colleage, Tony de Thomasis.


[in reverse chronological order]


  1.                 People standing in the back of the room for @ssonick‘s Solution Manager presentation at #ASUG2010 (but, lots of seats in front row).                       about 7 hours ago                      
     AusPost already had a trouble ticket / service desk system outside Solution Manager, so won’t be doing SAP’s “CHARM” tool. Likewise.                       about 7 hours ago        
  3.                               @steverumsby Federal government is the sole shareholder of Australia Post.                       about 7 hours ago              
  4.                               @c821311Phil is logged onto SolMan 🙂 via VPN and conference wireless. He’s got good connectivity since it’s 8AM here. Not much traffic.                       about 7 hours ago                      
  5.             AusPost went from 3 tier landscape with 3 SAP products to 7 tier by 10 products, but only increased Basis team from 6 to 8 people.                       about 7 hours ago                      

  6.                               Phil Gleadhill’s session 0405 on SAP Solution Manager at Australia Post starting in room 102B at #ASUG2010 #Sapphirenow. Whew, just made it.                       about 7 hours ago                 


Video – Phil Gleadhill of AusPost takeaways from ASUG session on Solution Manager  





Session 2

The second session was officially the keynote; instead of twittering about it, I read the tweets on it and worked on the video above, as well as other housekeeping.


Session 3


I sat in on part of the session on “ERP Consolidation – SAP Standardization, Consolidation & Harmonization (SHC)”.  I had also attended a webcast on this topic (SAP has promised to streamline the title to “Landscape Transformation”).  It’s an important facility to be able to manage major business changes and realignments.  Whether this set of tools will be up to the task remains to be seen; whether the future cost is anywhere near what the return will be is also uncertain.


Prior to the session, I met the presenters; they mentioned that the product would be demoed in the afternoon, so I added that to my agenda (not using the official tool, by the way).

> In the pre-meeting for SAP Standarization, Harmonization and Consolidation Influence Council. Demo 3PM. Jeff Benensohn facilitating. #ASUG                      about 4 hours ago


Session 4



Virtual SAP: important tips for virtualized SAP landscapes

Matt Kangas


Session 5


My show floor lounge session on virtualization – advertised late, and lightly, so my sole non-SAP Mentor attendee was Roland Wartenberg of SAP. I went over how we’ve transformed our SAP landscape from part to fully virtualized, challenges with production mix, disaster tolerance and future growth planning with the twin uncertainties of business and technological future changes.


RT @RichHeilman Join @jspath55 (me) + discuss Virtualization at Communities/Social Networking lounge in LOB campus 12:00pm today. #ASUG2010






Thanks to @Abesh for the camera work! (brought my own spork).


Fan photo at my IBM booth visit, where I talked benchmarking, capacity planning and parallel processing.  One good responder to my questions, one annoying person who kept trying to change the subject. 




Session 6

Tony Vernon of Fairfax Water spoke in my ASUG Mobile Technologies track on their use of GuiXT to equip their field service people with entry and reporting devices.  Their solution works as full on-line SAP access, but with simplified, magnified, or rearranged standard GUI screens pushed to ruggedized laptop devices.  A great session, good crowd, and many cogent questions.

Tony is an ASUG volunteer in the Utilities community.




Session 7

Stopped in for the demo of SAP’s upcoming Landscape Transformation tools.  I will need to get these slides, as this is one that I latched onto at the last minute.  It is critical for more agile infrastructure management, I think.

> Ralf Debus – great quote from SAP Landscape Transformation #ASUG2010 session: “Custom objects? Yes; you should not get rid of SAP objects”.


Session 8


Bruce Johnson spoke on mobilizing CRM. in the third Mobile Technologies session.  Alas, this was switched from Wednesday, but did not make it to the paper schedule, so a few people left confused.  His co-speaker also failed to show, so I’ll need to run this as a webcast later in order to reach those who could not make it, plus hear the customer story that Bruce filled in for.




Session 9


Not exactly a session, the ASUG volunteer reception. 




One trait you will notice here is that almost no one has their head down on a mobile phone.  These people are engaged in the moment.




Just a few of the SAP Mentors who are also ASUG volunteers.  Tammy was unwilling to suffer the Florida heat in the long sleeved rugby jersey (I’m the one with cutoff sleeves in other photos … )


Session 10


Global Communication reception.  I took a pedicab…


One person whom I’ve met online, and spoken to, is David Dobrin, of B2B (aka toppundit).  David and I share a lot of common background.  We chatted about SAP inside information, none of which I will repeat, as well as travel stories from the 1960s and 1970s.  We tried to give Abesh an education in our shared cultural upbringing, in particular the Mickey Mouse Club.  But I think, really, you had to be there.

I am glad I spotted David.  He was not on my planned list of people to see, though I think I was on his.  He was surely on my unplanned list.




Business Cards


Sorry, I missed a day.


  • Doug Hay – Eventful Management
  • Greg Olynyk – Maintenance Systems Solutions
  • Kevin Benedict – Mobile
  • Blag – new position, Beyond Technologies


  • Serge Bonin – SAND
  • Eric Connelly – Data Core (???)
  • Douglas Krause – potential SAP TechEd ASUG speaker
  • Roland Wartenberg – SAP Virtualization
  • Peter Keller – SAP System Landscape Optimization
  • Michael Geissner – Nike, ASUG Influence Council on Landscape Transformation
  • James Quinn – ASUG Procurement SIG
  • Jamie White – potential ASUG volunteer
  • Yvette LaMar – IBM
  • Bill Roberts – Synactive
  • Susan Nunziata – Mobile Enterprise magazine
  • Geoff Kerr, SAP VP Communications


One more long intense day, and we are out of here.

(there are bonus photos, as well as a great video, but you’ll need to find them on Facebook and Youtube on your own).  Some examples are in Marilyn Pratt’s blogs, and photo sets:


Breakfast With Marge Breya at SapphireNow

SAP Mentors Discussing SAP Certification with SAP Education



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      Author's profile photo Tony De Thomasis
      Tony De Thomasis
      The great weblogs, the exciting photo streams, the frantic tweets and Sapphirenow online make me feel like I was there!

      I am however missing the chance meetings like your Dave Dobrin experience, the lounge sessions and the organsied Wolfpack meetings.

      Best regards, TdT. 

      Author's profile photo Jim Spath
      Jim Spath
      Blog Post Author
      TdT:  Thank you sir.  Hoepfully, you meant "frantic tweets" in the sense of quick text bursts, rather than panicky calls for assistance.  Another bit of online data you'll enjoy is Mark Yolton's community briefing slides, which he strongly hinted last night he delibarately leaked for all to peruse and enjoy.  You can decide whether this is a plant or a genuine piece of inside intelligence: scn briefing book for sapphire now 2010.

      There were "organized" pack meetings, and then there were the rest 😉