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Cant find Interfaces in the associated Business System?

Once the infrastructure is setup for a PI implementation, one of the initial issues during development reported is that message interfaces/service interfaces are not reflected on the selection screen in the Integration Directory for a particular Business System.

To describe the problem, lets try to create a receiver determination using a ‘New’ Business System.

The problem is when you try to select the interface;

1. No Interface found for the specific category



2. No interface found at all?



A typical way to continue on would be to give the ‘Any Any’ option and then choose the required interface.

(Note: This is best way in case you have your business system as a standalone in SLD)



The workaround will help you continue the development and have the scenario running. Well but this still doesnt solve the riddle, does it?

The answer lies in the SLD. If you look into the Business system and its associated Technical system, you will find a tab called ‘Installed software’. Make sure that you add the Product and the Software component (the one in IR/ESR which has the message/service interface). Save this configuration in SLD

Note: The changes in TS might not reflect in BS. Go to the BS, in the Installed Software ensure that the new additional entries are active and then save the BS




It is usually due to this missing configuration that we get the ‘No suitable data found’ error in Integration Directory. 

Note: You might have to delete and re-import the BS into ID in case the changes are not reflected.

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