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Xcelsius Challenge – Get ready to be amazed!

What started off as a New Poll: What is your favourite Winter Olympics Sport? during the 2010 Winter Olympics in February has turned into an Xcelsius Challenge for Community Poll Results – a call-out for community members to create and share their own models of the Olympic poll results (plus many adding a lot more) in a Xcelsius model. I applaud the courage and willingness of those, such as An Xcelsius Experience, stepped up and not only took part, but also shared their experience with the community. I was really impressed by the contributions of those are learning to use Xcelsius for their very first time, to those who are recognized as Gurus by the community. Great job everyone!


Picking the winner will really be a tough job! (Lucky I’m not the one doing this.) Our surprise judge will be very qualified, and I’m sure will pick the  best submission. The winner will be announced by the end of May, so for those of you who submitted, watch SCN’s blogs closely in the coming weeks!


You can influence the result!

Here’s how:

  1. View all the Xcelsius dashboarding entries here.
  2. Rate and Review the submissions. The number of stars and comments you provide will influence our judge’s decision. 


Now, get ready to be amazed by just a few of our submissions. Go to the links of the creator’s names provided below to see these Xcelsius dashboarding models in their full glory!


Melanie Kascht:


Marton Horvath:


Jim Brogden:


Roman Broich:

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  • Jason,
    You putted only 5 of them here. So A lot of blog follower will rate only these dashboards. Do you think they will look one by one all submits? I don’t think.

    Also i recognized importance of waiting to the end of April. So i would see submits and would be make better 🙂

    • Hi Yunus,
      Thanks for your comment and question. I also want to thank you for taking part in this Challenge, and the awesome dashboard you submitted!

      You make a good point – there is a good probability that our community members will only rate the 5 samples I included in the blog post. I surely hope not, as there were 20 submissions. I have provided the link to the entire catalogue of submissions, and ask again that readers of the post take part in rating all submissions. I would have liked to showcase all submissions but this would have really slowed down the opening of this post.

      In the end, the judge will make the final call and will definitely review all submissions (whether they have been rated or not). I hope this answers your question.

      Thanks again for your contribution!