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Properties/Profile in Client GWI

How can the profile properties be synchronies to client ?

I am not able to edit the properties synchronized to client. What should I do ?

All the properties in client are coming readonly. Why ?


This blog targets to find the answers of the above problem,  


To get the property in client, do the following.


1.      Go to following SPRO Node


      You can click on the documentation icon to read more about profile.


2.    Create Profile, for your respective country, language and role.

Profile would be queried on below combination.
Language -> default (EN)

Country -> Country field of the associated business partner for the logged in user would be considered
Role ->  

          Role is usually the trickiest part, if you are assigned to multiple role, following is the protocol that is followed:


Business roles can be maintained in CRM Org management or in User maintenance (SU01).

SU01 role is given priority over Org management.

Only if no role is maintained in SU01 then Org managerment role is considered.


If SU01, multiple roles are assigned by giving *, then first role would be considered.


However if SU01 is not set, Org management is considered.

If multiple role are assigned in Org Management, it will consider the first one.

The roles are usually sort on description, however the one that we see is role name, hence its confusing to find the correct role sequence.


The easiet way to determine which role is used is to execute the following method


 The role returned by this method will be considered.



3.    In Profile property, check the column ”Modifiable in client”, for the property which you want to allow end user to change.image


4.  Click on  “Edit sync setting” from personalize page of CRM UI. This step is necessary as, it sync the profile properties to client.


5.  If the profile, for the role country and language is not maintained then “SAP_DEFAULT” profile will synchronized, where all the properties are disable for client, so if you get all read only properties even after  checking in “Modifiable in Client” , then for your role, language and country, profile is not maintained.

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      Author's profile photo Mukesh Bablani
      Mukesh Bablani
      Useful blog. Is there a good document/help on each of these properties and their meanings ?

      Secondly, if we have Server side parameters do they override the behaviour for client profile properties ?

      For e.g. if I have role BP_SLS_EMPL for my user, and have

      1. BLOCK_CONT_NEW_BP_SLS_EMPL as set in Server side settings of Client based GWI
      2. In Client side profile for role BP_SLS_EMPL, CreateNew = True

      As a user my expectation would be that I would be able to create new contacts . However not sure if BLOCK param will override the behaviour and not create the contacts.


      Author's profile photo Ashish Rawat
      Ashish Rawat
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Muskesh,

      The detail documentation is avaialable at note 1428670 .

      Server side parameters will not overwrite the client changes if the server profile version is not changes, however if the profile is updated to newers version it will overwrite the client changes.

      SPRO parameter and profile parameter are two entirely different set of properties.
      BLOCK_CONT_NEW_BP_SLS_EMPL if set to true will always block and client do not have any control over it.