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MDM Quick Starter: Collaborative Master Data Creation Processes

What are MDM Quick Starters? 

SAP NetWeaver MDM provides a generic infrastructure to address manifold business pain points related to misaligned master data. To accelerate the implementation process for specific MDM usages, SAP NetWeaver MDM incorporates SAP MDM Business Content. This concept has proven to be successful, and this is why we have decided to further extend this approach by introducing MDM Quick Starters. 

MDM Quick Starters (QS) are preconfigured business packages that are intended to enable SAP NetWeaver Master Data Management (MDM) customers to rapidly deploy and implement a working scenario for master data management processes on top of MDM and in some cases, in conjunction with SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management (BPM). 

What is the Quick Starter for Collaborative Material Master Data Creation all About?

Basic information about how to go about collaborative master data creation processes in heterogeneous landscapes based on SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP NetWeaver BPM, including the associated benefits has already been highlighted in my recent Benefit Now From Support Package 4 for SAP NetWeaver MDM 7.1 and in the Enterprise Master Data Management article.

To provide customers with additional value through an accelerated implementation of a scenario that is streamlined towards the central creation of globally-relevant, identifying master data attributes and their propagation to the relevant application systems in a heterogeneous landscape, SDN now features an MDM quick starter package for collaborative material master data creation. This QS package can be used as a template providing relevant sample content for a collaborative creation process for material master data based on SAP NetWeaver MDM and SAP NetWeaver BPM. It serves as a starting point and can be easily tailored to suit specific business needs.

Sample Process Flow

Think of the following typical business scenario in which the quick starter package can be leveraged:

An LOB owner requires a new material to further process it in the supply chain:

  1. LOB owner checks if the required material record already exists in ERP system. If not, LOB owner requests creation via specific request form. LOB owner can check the completed request form against SAP NetWeaver MDM to find out whether the material’s record already exists in the central SAP NetWeaver MDM registry. If not, the LOB owner dispatches the request.
  2. Request appears in the inbox of a designated data steward. The Data Steward enriches the material record, runs specific validations and finally approves the record.
  3. The approved record is now in the inbox of the requestor for review and confirmation.
  4. Once confirmed, the record is automatically created in SAP NetWeaver MDM and propagated to the requestor’s system. The LOB owner who requested the record is notified of the available data. 
Process Flow in the Process Composer

Technically, MDM‘s functionality is exposed as Web services and web-based data governance UIs which are wrapped as workflow steps and combined in a logical process flow using SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management. In the Process Composer, the flow of this master data creation process looks as follows:

What Has the Quick Starter Package in it for You?

The new quick starter package for governed material creation provides the following capabilities:

  • Preconfigured BPMN based process flow
  • Preconfigured Web-based Data Governance UI Components (e.g. Enrich & Approve)
  • Request form
  • Portal roles (e.g. Data Steward)
  • Preconfigured MDM Web services (e.g. Update Record)
  • Leverages standard MDM Material data model
  • Enterprise Service Consumption (Create Material Basic Data)

For further details on the MDM Quick Starter including download information, see the SDN Download Catalog and the associated demo showing the end-to-end process.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hello Markus:
      From what I learnt from this blog, there is going to be a business package like delivered content
      from SAP, which customers with NW MDM and NW CE can leverage to implement MDM record creation.

      Right now, I am participating in one such project with NW CE 7.2 rampup. The difference is instead
      of one Data Steward as Enricher, there is one Data Steward and bunch of Data Enrichers, who can
      sent the request back and forth among them using
      the BPM business process framework. We are
      implementing MDM C.R.U.D operations using various technologies presently available- MDM WDP Components, MDM Web Service Generator, MDM Java
      API etc. which is the tedious part. There are various business rules to be incorporated in to
      the business process flow.

      My question is how far this MDM Quick Starter kit can help in replacing the custom work ?

      - Prasad Nutalapati

      Author's profile photo Matthias Kretschmer
      Matthias Kretschmer
      Hi Prasad,

      this MDM Quick Starter package serves as a starting point for collaborative MDM processes. It can be changed anywhere and everywhere. That means you can e.g. change the process flow and add a new swimlane or you can modify the Web Dynpro UI using the MDM WD configurator and add some fields...


      Author's profile photo Markus Ganser
      Markus Ganser
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Prasad,
      thanks for your comment. As Matthias already replied, this Quick Starter package can be used as a template that serves as a starting point and can be easily tailored to suit specific business needs.

      Regards, Markus

      Author's profile photo Avineesh Khare
      Avineesh Khare

      I have an urgent query about Material Master in MDM. Is it possible to maintain Configurable Materials with multilevel configuration and BOM in MDM and pust them into ECC or CRM?

      Thanks in Advance.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Dear Avineesh,

      Forum is the right place to ask any query.
      Please don't post the comments asking queries.
      Sorry to blog owner but just came across this comment so did responded.


      Author's profile photo Markus Ganser
      Markus Ganser
      Blog Post Author
      The series already continues with the latest MDM Quick Starter for MDM Quick Starter: Aggregate Physician Spend.
      Author's profile photo Mark Todd
      Mark Todd
      Many times I have been asked if we have any business process content to go along with the pre-delivered SAP content. This fill this gap perfectly. I would like to see this rolled out for all of the key objects including Customer and vendor. I would like to see the pre-packaging of Data Services with this package to enhance and correct address data and provide matching capabilities.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      When Web Services are generated using the MDM WS Generator, they can be deployed on any WAS JAVA system. Typically, in a CE/BPM + MDM scenario, it is logical to deploy these web services on the WAS JAVA of CE for subsequent consumption. However, if PI/ESR is also in the landscape, what is SAP recommendation on deployment of MDM web services...keeping in view that potential scope of CE/BPM is beyond MDM. Should we then deploy the generated MDM Web Services on PI/ESR system for the sake of architecture consistency?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      SAP note 1355137 suggests that the MDM Material content can't be used for central master data management of Material. If a customer wishes to do so, they should contact SAP.

      With the delivery of this QS, can we now say that the Material content delivered by SAP can be used for Central MDM scenario?


      Author's profile photo Markus Ganser
      Markus Ganser
      Blog Post Author
      This QS indeed allows central management of material data in conjunction with SAP NetWeaver BPM. You just need to be aware that this QS scenario by nature targets the globally relevant data (attributes), and therefore QS does not cover the complete subset of attributes handled by the MDM Business Content for Material.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Thanks for a quick response. Much appreciated.

      The SAP note and the attached document suggest that there are several checks performed inside the ERP system on Material master creation which aren't possible to code as MDM validation. Is my understanding correct then that using the Enterprise Service call from CE to create Master data from CE should address this issue of validations?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Markus,

      The blog about MDM SP04 that you reference in this blog is not accessible. In particular, the following error is received when clicking on the link:

      "We Are Unable to Locate the Blog Page You Requested.

      Thank you for your interest in the SAP Community Network blogs. You may have reached this page as a result of a typing error -- please check and retype the URL. If the URL is correct, it is likely that the blog that you requested has been updated or moved -- or doesn't exist. We apologize for the inconvenience.

      If you need help finding information about our community contents, please contact

      Author's profile photo Markus Ganser
      Markus Ganser
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks for your feedback. I have fixed the link. Should work again.

      Regards, Markus