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How to change your material to split valuation when the Material Ledger is active

If the Material Ledger is active for a material and you need to change the material from non split valuation to split valuation, please consider the following information in order to carry out a smoothly change.                                                                        

According to the standard system design, it is not possible to change the valuation category for a material if there are still documents linked  to the material.

The reason for this restriction is that you can have objects or valuation data which make reference to the original valuation category and this can produce inconsistencies if the valuation category is changed.

You should previously check the following:                  

– No stock is available for the material  for current and previous period.                                        

– All production orders must be closed.                                          

– No purchase order can still be opened.

In addition check the attached notes:

Note 30656 – Change base unit of  measure/batch management requirement


Note 155874 – Change valuation  category in material master .


These checkings will avoid inconsistencies or undesired side-effects.

If the WIP Revaluation functionality of the Material Ledger is active in the plant:

you should only change the material to split valuation if there are not any WIP quantities. For that you should close all the orders for which the material is received.  In addition, the post closing entry should have been executed for the previous month.  With the closing entry, the WIP quantities must have been reduced because no more open orders are  allowed.

Please take into account the following notes:  

Note 1167141 – WIP  calculation/-revaluation: Message C+065

Note 1408248 – Extended check when  changing to split valuation (2)

Note 1174966 – Extended check when  changing to split valuation


The materials with split valuation are updated in MM and ML tables as follows:

In MM when a material has split valuation, the valuation category field in accounting view 1 is filled (is not blank). In this case, the table MBEW (this is also applied for special stock tables EBEW/QBEW) can have several entries for the combination material & plant  and they are differenciated by the field Valuation type BWART. Furthermore  the system creates an entry with the valuation type blank for internal use and it is not valid for the user. This is the mother segment. It always has a price control V. However, the price of the header segment is NOT a moving average price. It is the weighted average price of all valuation types.

When a material is changed from non split-valuation to split valuation in Material Ledger for the mother segment the only data that is remaining is the prices information (table CKMLPR). The information about  quantities and values (tables CKMLPP and CKMLCR) is deleted. The header data (table CKMLHD) is deleted for the mother segment as well.     


Although the historical information recorded in table MBEWH remains after changing split valuation in ML tables, this information is obsolete. It doesn’t make any sense trying to access it with transaction CKM3 as this material will no longer exist.

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      Former Member
      we have activated split valuation ,During order creation system take cost from material master having material without valuation type, As the same material is split valuated ,During Order confirmation ,we enter valuation type. But system is not updateing the price at actual cost into order. may be reason is after cost release for the material is updated into material master having no split valuation.
      Pl. provide details???????