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Re-directing transactions SM36, SM37, SA38: Controlling end-user scheduled jobs – Part 2

The first part of this blog Re-directing transactions SM36, SM37, SA38: Controlling end-user scheduled jobs – Part 1  explained the concept of re-directing transaction SM36 and how this can be seen as a new evolutionary step to the already existing job interception functionality (see Job Interception: Controlling end-user scheduled jobs).  Now this 2nd part of the blog shall provide details about the technical prerequisites needed and it shall explain some simple configuration steps that need to be performed.

Of course I assume that you have the SAP Solution Manager configured in a way that the integrated Job Request > Job Documentation scenario is already fully functional and running which also requires some CRM configuration.

If this is not the case please refer to the following SAP notes first before you continue with configuration of the SM36 re-direction scenario:

1054005 – FAQ: Job Scheduling Management with SAP Solution Manager

1117355 – Job Scheduling Management: Work Center

1111310 – Job Scheduling Management: Extended Configuration or 1225906 – Customizing of the Job Request for Job Management


Technical prerequisites:

The technical prerequisites are at least twofold as at least two systems are involved – SAP Solution Manager on the one hand and at least one backend system on the other hand. Your SAP Solution Manager needs to have software component ST400 on support package level 21 or higher. Your respective backend system requires one of the following support package levels:

Support Package                    Release                             Package name

SAP_BASIS                             700                         SAPKB70021

SAP_BASIS                             701                         SAPKB70105

SAP_BASIS                             710                         SAPKB71009

SAP_BASIS                             711                         SAPKB71104


Remark: If your SAP Solution Manager is even on ST400 SP22 then you can directly test the integration within SAP Solution Manager itself without another connected backend system.


All technical prerequisites of this scenario are described in SAP note 1383398 “Integration of Job Request into transactions SM36 and SM37”. This scenario requires especially an RFC connection that allows a callback from the backend system to SAP Solution Manager as described in section 3c of the above mentioned SAP note. You can either create this RFC directly on the backend system by executing function module BP_OPTIONS_SOLMANDEST_SET or you navigate within SAP Solution Manager the following way: Access Work Center “Job Management” > View “Administration” > “Define Back Destination”.

All end user on the respective backend system, that shall be redirected, shall have a valid CRM Business Partner on the SAP Solution Manager system. Otherwise the users will be re-directed but won’t be able to send a corresponding Job Request.


Basic configuration:

After all technical prerequisites are fulfilled you can start with the basic configuration for this scenario.

Similarly to the job interception (Job Interception: Controlling end-user scheduled jobs ) you use the program CRITERIA_MANAGER in order to specify which users shall be included/excluded from the re-direction.

  1. Call transaction SA38 and execute program CRITERIA_MANAGER.
  2. Add a new criterion of type “Creating Batchjobs via Solutionmanager”. Specify the user names to be included/excluded. Usually you would like to re-direct all users except you administrative and regular scheduling users. So exclude just those few user names
  3. Activate the newly created profile

Criteria Manager

Remark: Once this criteria profile is activated on your respective backend system the re-direction is IMMEDIATELY active, i.e. no end user (who is included in this criteria profile) will be able to access transaction SM36 any longer!

Everybody who tries to access transaction SM36 and who is part of the criteria profile will get to see the following pop-up window


When the user clicks on this pop-up window a browser window will open and call the corresponding job request form. The first page of the form contains basically the same information as transaction SM36, the transaction that the user wanted to access in the first place.

Job Form Page 1

The second page of the form asks then for context information. As most fields are filled automatically the user only has to fill-out the two free-text fields Business Requirements and Business Process.

Job Form Page 2

On the third page some existing supporting documents can be attached to the Job Request. On page four all entries made can be reviewed by the user. Then the Job Request can be sent. Once the Job Request is sent you follow the regular Job Request > Job Documentation process as before.

If the background job is finally scheduled via the Job Documentation in SAP Solution Manager then the corresponding job will show a Job Documentation icon in transaction SM37 within the backend system as described in the previous blog A new column in transaction SM37 – Job Documentation.


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