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Time to take SDN Collaboration to NEXT Level?

So how do you rate collaboration on SDN in the present form?On the scale of 1-5, I personally would not rate it more than 3. It is a huge community and still growing and I am proud to be part of it.  

But I found it pretty impersonal than facebook / linkedin etc. which could be considered benchmark in collaboration. Few of the reasons are –  

  • Compare with the best collaborative platforms like facebook, Orkut or even gmail, SDN offers so much less.
    • Though I can select my favourite users but I can only follow their activity rather than interacting with them.
    • May be we could make sub-groups and start having more in-depth discussions on common interests (on SAP solutions may be sometime outside of this).


  • Most of the collaboration or communication is passive and it could be almost real-time but never real-time. What I mean by this is near real-time is when I am raising a query on my forum some online expert immediately replies to that.
    • I wish if one of the experts is online then I could chat with him and discuss my problem rather than waiting a response from him and the responding. We all know how difficult sometime this waiting is.
    • May be I could start a discussion (more generic than one raised in forums) and invite people to join in. To start with may be these could be initiated by SAP.
    • And may be we could develop new solution or at least influence a few solutions by more collaboration.


  • SDN so far have been a platform to discuss / solve problems with the current solutions. I believe now it is matured enough to go to next level which is start participating / influencing solutions roadmaps. 

 Possibilities are un-ending but not non-reachable!!! Happy to hear from each one of you 🙂

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  • Hello Vikash,
    i totally agree with you in some parts. I really miss a "real-life-communication" possibility like "instant messaging" or whatever.

    In some cases, i really would like to interact with the thread start to discuss his/her problem .. in many cases this would be much faster then replying and waiting. If the problem is discussed and maybe solved the solution can be added to the thread by the participant. Some sharing places (like desk sharing) would also be great, so the thread owner can demonstrate the problem and i can interact and maybe solve the problem with him.

    There has to be an option for the instant messaging users to show their status and if they are willing to help at some time - in the other way some guys get really "bombed" with chats.

    But as we know that SDN is based on SAP Netweaver Portal, i am not sure if this is possible with such a platform. I think it is pretty tough to implement such features.


    • twitter seems to be the IM Du Jour for SAP mentors and notification of various SDN events (for example the SAP Security forums posts each thread to twitter, probably via one of the many RSS -> Twitter tools).

      See the links on SAP Mentor Initiative under "SAP Mentors on twitter"

      I find it quite useful, as having SAP mentors on Twitter seems to have got it past the chicken-and-egg situation - there's a lot of non mentor SAP people there now - see my list of SAP related people at

    • Hello Stefan,

      thanks for your thoughts, I agree with most of those and before taking next steps control should be in place.

      Best Regards


  • Good thought Sir. But the major challenge will be to control such collaborations. It will be fairly difficult job to monitor such activities against misuse.
  • Well instant messaging is a good idea.
    we'll loose the reference if the issue and solution discussed on chat. after getting the solution most of us wont show interest to close the thread by adding the details discussed on chat.
    • Thanks Ram for your comments. I believe we can store the chat history and can easily search through it. That should not be a big problem.

      Best Regards


  • The instant messaging if implemented may not make solutions available for later reference.
    I like the idea of having discussons and storing such threads for later reference.



  • Hi Guys,

    Taking SDN/SCN to the next level seems to be something that everyone I have spoken to wants and there is alot of enthusiasm around this.

    I believe we can expand this thinking of collaboration which is discussed in the following blog which I would ask if you could read and comment further on...

    Time to take SCN to the NEXT Level and Beyond...

  • I tend to agree with the author of this post--there could be more social networking features on SCN.

    However, do we really have time to set up a complete profile here, in addition to LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.?  And will adding discussion forums to SCN result in a huge amount of time being wasted reading each other's advertisements for services? 

    Twitter is a great way to reach out to the SAP community--today it is mostly mentors and consultants, and I'd like to see more clients using it. 

    No easy answers!

  • actually, I don't think that real time chatting is a plus for sdn...

    you need to bare in mind that most people answering questions, are at a client site...if I take myself (and many collegaues I have) as example, I go to the SDN forums whem I'm looking for a specific solution and meanwhile I go through the new posts and if possible I try to answer... If now in the future, people can start asking me direct question as of the moment I log in, you can be sure i will not log in anymore...just as guest.

    A lot of people seem to forget that SDN is a forum and not an instant helpdesk with consultants ready to answer any question at any time.

    If I see that even the current rule of engagement are not followed by the bigger part of the people asking questions, i'm afraid that new features will lead to even more frustrations of the answering people...

    taking sdn collaboration to the next level : for me this should mean that we achieve a higher level of posts...meaning that today 75% of the posts would not have been posted if the search function would have been used before posting...

    this is a waste of time...