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Collection of Portal Content videos & screenshots is now available

Have you ever wondered how SAP’s Portal Content does look like? After several requests from the SDN community we have put together some screenshots & videos (see example), which you can access via our list of Business Packages (Portal Content) which is available on the SAP Portal Content Page.




BTW: When you look into the material please note that although the screenshots were taken with the classical Framework Page, all Portal Content can be run in the Ajax Framework Page (AFP). The navigation of the role looks like this:


For more information on the availability of the AJAX Framework Page please have a look here:  


TIP:  Search easier for Portal Roles in the User Administration


As default you can only search for portal roles with its unique name, i.e. the technical ID like pcd:portal_content/ To get a result in a more convenient way, you can put the search term within wildcards, e.g.*tms*. This works for SAP Netweaver Portal 7.0.


If you would like to search additionally for the name of the role, in this case “Talent Management Specialist”, you can add the field “description” to your UME settings. Add value description to property ume.principal.simple_search.attributes.role.
After that it should look like this: ume.principal.simple_search.attributes.role=uniquename,description



Documentation link:

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  • I remember back when SAP offered something like this with the "old" portal content library. You could pull up general info, pre-reqs, etc for all the business packages and then look at screenshots as well for many of them. However, it seemed like they never kept up with this. The basic info would get added, more info links and such...but then maybe a few screenshots or none at all. My "guess" is two fold...(1) that was a daunting task to maintain especially with so much content, so much "set up" needed to show good examples, and content constantly changing (2) this is the "sad but true" one...a lot of "sleezy" or fly-by-night "consulting" firms would use these screenshots in their presentations to clients and claim them from their own experience (as in, "hey here's screenshots from previous work we've done")....yes it still happens if you read the many "can you send me screenshots?" posts in the forums. So yes....GREAT idea to pick this back up...but be careful of Pandora's Box. haha
    • Christopher: Thanks for your comments! You are right, we spent some time to pull all the information/screenshots together. But we think it is worth it, as it gives our (potential) customers a good overview on the Portal Content portfolio of SAP. You are right, the screenshots can be misused, but we think that the benefits for our customers outweigh this risk 🙂


  • Hi,
    Finally something is coming out in this area, but on the ESS/MSS part I think the content is a bit poor with just an old sales video. I would like to see all the iViews available from the latest Enhancement Package.

    Today we have spent many ours in my company to just set up the packages in a sandbox to even view the iViews. We're mixing this approach with watching lately published slides from SAP, and this approach is not very convenient when planning for projects and enhancements.

    We would like to quickly visualize the end result to the business users quickly  to avoid to much adaptations. Could you please consider to publish the iViews from the latest Enhancement Package individually?

  • Hello,

    I cannot find on this blog where the videos and screenshots are. I see no hyperlink , only one example for HR.


    • Hi Franck,

      just follow the above link "list of Business Packages" ->  View this tool -> Open Excel -> follow the links to the screenshots.

      I know it's kind of difficult to find 🙂

      Regards, Paul

  • Hi,
    The video of talent management was nice and I would like to see more of this, for example a video on the latest talent management suite (performance grid, etc).

    However, my main point is still unanswered. I lack the screenshots of each individual iView in the Business Package for ESS/MSS. For example, how does the "" iView look like.

    In summary, more scenario based videos would be relevant and then complemented with iView screenshots. This would probably also help SAP to make the customers use their application een more. For me its a good help to visualize portal solutions to key stakeholders and is essential in making the business case.

    • Hi Max,

      thanks again for your comment!

      I'll talk to our Product Management to see if we have better material available for you.

      Best regards, Paul