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South Africa, Alive with Possibilities – The 2010 World Cup

The kickoff to the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South is drawing closer (48 days to go at the time of this blog going to press). In this blog I will attempt to give visitors to our beautiful country for the Wolrd Cup a ground zero perspective about South Africa as a country and South Africa as a Soccer World Cup host.

Let’s start with a small geography lesson 🙂 South Africa is a country on the African continent. You’ll notice in the map below that’s it the country at the Southern most tip of the African continent, hence the name ‘South Africa’. Economically, South Africa has the highest GDP on the African continent with Nigeria a close second. In my personal opinion Nigeria will take over the highest GDP mantle in the not too distant future based on Nigeria’s natural resources (like oil), size of population (between 150 & 160 million people) & economic growth rate. South Africa’s population comes in at just under 50 million people.


Courtesy of Google Maps

South Africa is further subdivided into 9 provinces with World Cup Stadiums in different provinces. The City of Johannesburg will be the key host city with the opening and closing games being played at Soccer City in Johannesburg. The different countries participating in the World Cup will be based in different cities in South Africa.

South Africa is a culturally diverse country with 11 official languages. English is however predominantly spoken to mitigate communication gaps. The climate can be compared to the best in the world with little or no natural disaster exposure. You’ll notice that the chart below depicting average temperatures during the year. Take special note of the average temps during the June/July World Cup Months & that is in the middle of our Winter season.


Courtesy of

The people are sunny & warm just like our weather 🙂 Our dark history (of apartheid), if anything, has made us an incredibly resilient nation determined to succeed at everything we attempt. Our constitution, written by political activists against the backdrop of the apartheid system while imprisoned is considered one of the best constitutions in the world.

From a sporting perspective, we are a very competitive nation. Soccer in South Africa can be likened very much to the Brazilian soccer culture. It’s the biggest sport here & can be seen played everywhere you go. The tangible benefits & the legacy the World Cup will leave in South Africa will be seen & felt for years to come. Based on the newly introduced rotational system of who will host the World Cup, we may never see another World Cup in Africa for decades. So now is the time, it’s Africa’s turn to shine, be a part of this phenomenon and you too can say ‘You were there!.

If you’re visiting for the World Cup, there is an official World Cup dance coined locally, it’s called the Diski Dance. Learn the dance, we’ll expect you to do it as you get off the plane when you arrive 🙂 You can view the video at the following YouTube location:

Depicted below are the World Cup 2010 stadia that will host the games. Also, depicted below is the specific Cities within South Africa that these stadia are located.


Courtesy of Google Image Search

When greeting anyone in South Africa you could just use Hi, Howzit or Hola…Anything will do. It’s Africa’s turn. Experience this sporting sepctacular sporting event with an African flavour. In the famous words of Sepp Blatter, “Halala South Africa, Halala” (Halala means – It’s coming)


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      Author's profile photo Pablo Casamayor
      Pablo Casamayor
      Hi Trevor,

      i´m really happy to see South Africa as host of 2010 soccer world cup.
      We all expect to watch an amazing tournament with the best players ever:
      (Portugal´s Cristiano Ronaldo, Argentina´s Messi, England´s Gerrard, Spain´s Fernado Torres ...etc).
      I just want to thank in advance all south africans involved in this event.
      Hope Spain gets to the final and so that we all keep South Africa in our hearts for ever.

      Best regards.

      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      While I can't say I'm much of a soccer mom (okay I did have 2 of my 5 in the sport for a short while), I love dance and movement and throughly enjoyed your video clip and your colorful glimpses of your country through your eyes.
      I once tried to set up a wiki space with  "Culture Cue Cards" to help people understand cultural norms better and hopefully enable better and healthier commerce as a result of the understanding.  It is awesome to have a "local" guide.  Thanks so much for sharing.  You've showed us "play" and "sport", I'd love to see your work environment as well.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Excellent blog Trevor, the excitement is building, looking forward to the games!