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There are lots of myths that surround SAP CRM today. Over the past 4 years that i have been into CRM, i have interacted with variety of consultants, analysts and Managers. Some had good knowledge of this product, while some didn’t had any clue.



  • Technically SAP CRM is just like any other Product, after all underlying code is all written in ABAP.” – This one liner comes mainly from those who have not seen CRM at all and also don’t bother about it as well. For a Core CRM technical consultant (including myself), CRM is technically very different from other Products. It takes time to understand the underlying layer of architecture and ABAP is just a part of it. 


  • What is the difference between ABAP and CRM ABAP?”  – I have tried to answer this question many a times on SDN CRM Forums as this is asked by consultants who are into pure ABAP and wants to move to CRM technical. They, somehow, have a feeling that CRM ABAP is a new version of ABAP catering only to CRM. Well the truth is CRM ABAP is a distinction created to ensure that consultants who have experienced of Object Oriented ABAP & CRM Web UI comes under one umbrella and doesn’t get mixed into the normal ABAPers.


  • I know SPRO to an extent and thus i am a functional Consultant.” – A Consultant who knows SPRO customizations to an extent should, ideally, not claim himself to be a Functional Consultant. A Functional consultant has many dimensions, maintaining SPRO customizations is one part of it.


  • Functional v/s Technical v/s Techno-Functional.” – A functional consultant, generally, is the one who understands the functionalities of SAP CRM and also has the ability to map it with Customers business Process. He is the one who should ask questions starting “Why”. Most of the cases he has to interact directly with the Client. A Technical consultant is the one who has the knowledge on how to achieve the clients requirement in SAP CRM. He is the one who asks questions starting with “How”. In CRM there is a growing need for a middle role as well which is techno-Functional Consultant. He is the one who has exposure in both areas be it Technical or be it Functional. He can ask both kind of questions i.e. “Why” and “How”.


  • How can i do the same in SAP GUI?” – A lot many times CRM consultants are asked this question. Not many are aware of the fact that SAP has stopped it’s support or are in the process of doing so. All new features and functionalities in CRM are only on Web UI, The new CRM UI.  
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  1. Carsten Kasper
    I comply with most of your opinions. Only the comment about “CRM ABAP” makes me wonder what exactly “CRM ABAP” is? Having spent about 4 years as a technical consultant I have not encountered anything I would call “CRM ABAP”.
    Sure there is the CRMs own APIs, but thats just APIs and not a language feature.
    Same goes for all BOL and GenIL programming that are now part of the general ABAP package. They are class libraries at most.

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