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If a stock-relevant inspection type for your material-plant combination is active, the inspection lots are shown as own segments in MD04, because in this case the quality-stock is controlled with inspection lots.

This segment takes e.g. into account the quantity (column ‘rec./reqd. qty’) and the inspection date (column ‘date’).

Stock-relevant inspection types are inspection types of inspection lot origin 01, 04, 05, 08 or 09 (  > table TQ32).

As a consequence these quantities are NOT displayed as ‘available quantity’ in MD04.

This behaviour is true, if a control key is maintained in the material master or not.

This behaviour also CANNOT be changed with a customizing setting or something similar. This behaviour is ‘hard coded’ in the system.

If your system doesn´t work as is described above, please check the following points:

  • If you are working with handling units, these inspection lots (status HUM) are not taken into account in MD04, since the stock is not controlled by the inspection lots. This means : Stock-postings of the handling units can also been done ‘outside’ the QM-module and not only in the usage-decision. Therefore a display of these lots would not make sense.
  • If the inspection lots are displayed in MD04, but with a wrong quantity, pay attention to note 717622. Only stock-relevant inspection lots (status SPRQ set) are taken into account.
  • Maybe there’s also an inconsistency in your material master (active inspection types are maintained), but indicator MARC-QMATV is not set in the material master (view “quality management”   > indicator ‘inspection setup’ not set). In this case please pay attention to the  note 212238.

Below you can see how the Handling Units are activated.


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Maria,

    Good information.

    Related to Point # 1;

    I would like to add that Note # 2023197 – MD04: Inspection stock missing from HU-managed storage loc. II is also released by SAP along with the correction related to it.




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