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The Full Monty – Part 1 – The NSP Install

Previous blog The Full Monty – Overview

It seems my first task, in downloading the Netweaver Sneak Preview (NSP) has already hit a problem. Which one to down load ?

As I view the download page I see two NSPs.

“SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SR1 SP3 ABAP Developer Edition” and “SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SR1 SP3 ABAP Trial Version”. They are both 7.01, both SR1 and both SP3? So what’s going on? Why 2 versions of the same thing?

Updated 12.7.2010 Here is a wiki explaining the differences between the Developer and Trial editions.

And then I see this ! – “New SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2 Version Available”! . Could the CE7.2 do what I want to achieve with NSP & CE1. Anyone care to guide me on this ?

Update 29.7.2010 Not maintaining CE Environment now.  Well, as I read, CE7.2 does not have the ABAP stack, so it may replace the CE7.1 install I intend on performing, however, I still have to choose between the Trial and Developer versions of the NSP. I have an SDN post out, questioning the difference between the Dev and Trial versions. So I hope to get an answer soon.

In reading further, I discover that they have done the same with CE7.1 insofar as creating a Trial & a Developers edition.

What is going on here ? Why is it so hard for me to find out the differences. Am I alone on this?

I’m back on this, and after a couple of days and no reponses from my questions. Looks like I’ll have to do this alone. I have now downloaded both versions.

To take a look at each of the downloads, I needed to install a program that unpacks RAR files. For this I used WinRAR, of which a free evalutation copy can be downloaded and installed.

Trial Version

Trial VersionTrial VersionTrial Version

and the Developer Version

Notice anything different ? I don’t. Lets look inside each of the unpacked directories

Trial Version


and the Developer Version

Again, both look identical to me. Looking inside the LABELIDX.ASC file of each, again reveals the same information.


I have satisfied myself, that these two options are identical. I am not going to install them both and perform any more comparisons. So, going forward, I will choose the Trial Version.

SAP, please remove one of the downloads to avoid further confusion, or tell me where I am wrong.

So, with my Trial Version in hand, and my Developer Version blown away, here I go.

Update: 1.6.2010. Well recently I have had a response confirming that the Developer Edition’s license does not expire. Well, just my luck, as I chose the “Trial” version to base these blogs on. One day, I may revert to the Developer’s Edition, but for those starting out, I would now recommend the Developers Edition.

See here for more info – New Community Developer License is available

Let the Games Begin

Before executing the start program, lets have a brief read, familiarization and reminder of the NSP System Requirements. See the unpacked directory “SAPNWABAP701SR1_TRIALSAPNWABAP701SR1_TRIALDOChtmlhome.htm”.

We don’t have XP Pro, 2003 Server, or Vista. I have Windows 7, and my host name is “pc”. See Contol Panel->System


I am formatted as NTFS, I have Explorer 8, enough RAM & a Pagefile of 3059MB which it will complain about. A good processor, and more than enough disk space. My monitor resolution is set to 1600 x 900 and no other SAP system is installed.

As this is a self contained installaion, I must install the MS Loopback Adaptor. For this I went to Start->Run and entered “hdwwiz”. I did everything the SAP help says, including modifying the host file.

My Hosts file entry looks like this, because the NSP installation will want, by default, a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). So I added the “”

If you installed and run the SpyBot checks, you may see a backup hosts file, and SpyBot entries in your current host file. That’s all fine.

Finally, all unecessary open programs closed, and only now am I ready to go. I will timestamps some steps to give you an idea of the install length.

20:50 Navigated to the unpacked Trial directory “SAPNWABAP701SR1_TRIALSAPNWABAP701SR1_TRIALSAP_NetWeaver701SR1_2008_Installation_MasterIM_WINDOWS_I386” and execute the sapinst.exe

My NSP Parameters

JRE Directory – “C:Program FilesJavajre6”

DNS Domain Name for SAP System – “”

Password for all users of this SAP system – the same password I setup when creating the “nspadm” user

Password of SAP Adminsitrator – the same password I setup when creating the “nspadm” user

Password of SAP System Service User – the same password I setup when creating the “nspadm” user

21:00 Message


Don’t worry, this message shows the install has a problem with Windows 7, naturally, and the swapfile size issue, I was telling you about earlier. Hit the CANCEL button to continue. Yes, the CANCEL button.

Deselect the “Install the SAP Cryptographic Library” option for now. Unless you happen to have the SAPCRYPTO.SAR, and can get it to work – I have never.

Now we are presented with the options and choices we made up to now. We can “check” the checkboxes to amend any of the given and chosen values. I’m not going to touch a thing, and leave them as is.

21:06 Off it goes, Phase 1 of 27. Hope for the best, and expect the worst.

21:08 2 Minutes later and


Again, don’t worry. Choose “No”, to abort the installation



Choose “Stop”



Choose “Stop”




Then, Program Compatibility Assistant window pops up


Choose “Cancel” & reboot machine

When Windows is back up and running, navigate to Control Panel->System->Advanced System Settings->Environment Variables, and under the section “User variables for nspadm” remove the “TEMP” & “TMP” entries.



and After


“Ok” all the way out

Navigate back to the sapinst.exe in “SAPNWABAP701SR1_TRIALSAPNWABAP701SR1_TRIALSAP_NetWeaver701SR1_2008_Installation_MasterIM_WINDOWS_I386” and execute it once again.

When you get to the First Option of the Installation again, Choose the same as previous, “Central System”, then”Next”

When you get to the “Attention” page, “What Do You Want To Do?” question, make sure you select “Continue with the Old Option”, & “Next”

21:23 Back on track with Phase 2 of 27

21:25 Phase 3

off to bed, back in the morning to see what’s happened, good night.



05:46 Good morning. I am happy to report, a successful install. Looking at some of the text files in the install directory “C:Program Filessapinst_instdirNW701AS-ABAPADACENTRAL”, e.g. sapinst, or sapinstdev, I can see the latest changed files were the same time closed the Successful Install Message, and the latest before that, was around 01:11.



So I can only really conclude it took between 01:11 and now to complete. Probably nearer the 01:11, making it about 3-4 hours worth of installation.

Disk space now at 151gb, so it takes up about 50gb.

Now the real test is to reboot, and start the NSP.

After rebooting, you should see the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)  short-cut somewhere on your desktop, with the SAP Logon as an Icon. Open it up, and and there should be the NSP SAP System. Both the Database and SAP Instance are visible as nodes.


Click the “Start” button (black arrow head) and provide the password you entered when initially setting up the NSP install parameters. Then “Ok”.

The NSP System should begin it’s startup procedure. It will turn yellow, and then eventually green, when up and running. Mine took around 10 seconds, which I think on this machine is fast.

Low and behold, mine turned back to yellow


Now I have the task of trying to fix it.

Will be back, when I hope I have the fix.

Back now, happy to say with a fix.

In searching for a solution, I installed the MaxDB Database Manager, setup file “DBM76” that came with the NSP install, located in “SAPNWABAP701SR1_TRIALAdditional_Toolsmaxdbtools701SR1”. I was going to do this as a post install but needed it now. This program enables the management of the NSP database. It can enable you to connect, backup, change db settings, and increase the database size if you need to.

Back to the fix then. It was the “MAXDB” Services in Windows that had their start up set to “Manual”. I changed them to “Automatic” and rebooted. Then I noticed that the “MAXDB: NSP” Windows Service had started. I then started the NSP.

Here’s what all the 6 Windows Services for the NSP install should look like.







Now it all works. I noticed the NSP System enters a yellow state occasionally, for a brief moment of two, but it needs to return to a green status. When viewing the MMC Syslog, I do see numerous errors, but the system has been green for over 10 minutes, so I’m happy now, I have a successful install.

I think it would be prudent to create a restore point at this time, in case of any accidents in the future. Right click “Computer” in the “Start Menu” and select “Properties”. Then choose, “Advanced System Settings”, “System Protection” tab and towards the bottom, the “Create…” button. Give it a name and choose “Create”.

Important: You must start and have running, the NSP system in the MMC to begin logging on to the NSP System. ALSO, Stop the NSP System in the MMC, before you close down the computer. This also applies inside a Virtual Machine

Continue to my next blog…

The Full Monty – Part 2 – Logical System & Virtual Machine

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  • Trial edition - have to renew license every 3 months.

    Developer edition - you do not need to.
    It is permanent I believe.
    There might be other differences I forgot.
    There was a blog announcing the developer
    editions sometime ago. But I did not save
    that blog.

    • Hi Mingzuo,
        Don't do an SGEN unless you can leave the machine running for 2 or 3 days 🙂

        The second time I installed the Developer Edition, I found it was much easier to execute the transactions / programs I was likely to use, to force the one-time compilation.

        • Hi Glen,

          Yepp, it sure does. I did it recently. As per my understanding there is none whatsoever difference between the trial and developer edition from a technical standpoint. It's only a legal difference. To read more then see Mario Hergers overview blog - [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

          Thanks a LOT for the "Full Monty" series (today in installment 7). I have had the same experiences as you trying to install the "MiniSAP" version from the very first edition. I gave up eventually but returned installing again the Developer Edition in WinXP environment which DID succeed.

          Your finding are vital and a must read for anyone installing the NSP.

          Thanks, Johan

          • hi johan, thanks for the info. I have updated the blog accordingly. only wished i chose the "developers" version to start with.
          • Hm, I did install the "Developers Edition" and still need to renew the license (I have done it once so far). No difference there between the versions here. No big deal as the renewal process has been documented in detail (do a search here in SDN).
  • Hi,

    I am not able to install the S/w i have followd the steps as mentioned .
    I am getting the foll error
    An error occurred while processing option SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SR1 including Enhancement Package 1 > SAP Application Server ABAP > MaxDB > Central System > Central System( Last error reported by the step :The system is inconsistent. Registry or SAP_DBTech information is available, but software is not complete.).

    I have tried to install it several times but no luck can you please help me

    • hi ritesh
      it truly is difficult to fault find something like this. i must suggest you post it on SDN for other members to see.
      you do not state when you get this error. during installation, startup, or otherwise.
      but i really cannot undertake here to help you
      i would check that there are no previous installation files or registry residue on your system.
      the 7.01 install is reliable and all times i had a problem, it was my fault/machine
      • Hi,
        Thanks for the quick reply..
        yes i ad a registry entry of DBtech which I removed and the installation worked fine.
        Until the Execution of 1st of 27 stage as you have also mentioned in your blog where we get the error.
        and I removed the TEMP and TMP entries from the Environmental Variable but still I get the same error.
        Also i see few more entries in the screen shot which you have given for removing the TEMP and TMP,
        Which I donnt see the in the User Environmental Variable so do I have to put those entries ?

        Kindly Help..

        • the user variables you see, should be there. but i do not understand why they are not as they are set by the installation. so if you manually do it, then i am not sure what else has not happened. it is not a good state to install on. check if they are in the system variables.
  • Thanks for the nice blog!
    I am trying to install NSP on windows 7 pro 64 bit and right now stuck at installation of MaxDB stage
    Installation of MaxDB

    operating system: Windows AMD64 NT 6.1
    callers working directory: C:/Program Files (x86)/sapinst_instdir/NW701/AS-ABAP/ADA/CENTRAL
    installer directory: D:/Documents/SAP Trial/SAPNWABAP701SR1_TRIAL/MaxDB_77_SP6_Build07_RDBMS/DATA_UNITS/MAXDB_WINDOWS_I386
    archive directory: D:/Documents/SAP Trial/SAPNWABAP701SR1_TRIAL/MaxDB_77_SP6_Build07_RDBMS/DATA_UNITS/MAXDB_WINDOWS_I386
    software in package Fastload API is not runnable on your system
    FILE MAGIC: MS Windows 32-bit i386 executable dll

    YOUR SYSTEM: architecture = AMD64
    YOUR SYSTEM: subversion =
    YOUR SYSTEM: system = Windows
    YOUR SYSTEM: version = NT 6.1
    installation exited abnormally

    In the installation package, there is directory 'MAXDB_WINDOWS_X86_64'. Is it something that could be useful for resolving the problem? Or do you have any other suggestion?
    I know that this is not the right place to ask this question. I checked the forum and updated my question but not able to find the solution. So think you might be able to help.
    Thanks in advance.


    • hello abhijit, yes this is not the place for help like this, however, regarding your issue, i tried loading on a 64 bit architecture, and could not get past the Microsoft Management Console, as it did not like the 64 bit install. i gave up then. sorry i cannot help
      • Hi Glen,
        Thanks for the efforts.
        FYI. I got pass this stage by installing MMC for 64 bit from additional tools folder and re-running the setup.


  • I I have installed.. I have had an error 3 times in step 27.. and I discovered that it was because my password has an `@` and there's some problem with password with this character...
    Now it's working fine
    Another error I got, was when I was starting NSP, it was cause I forgot to set the memory of the VM to (at least) 1024...
  • Hi Gingle,

    Thanks to your 'manual' I managed to do a succesfull installation  of the developer version. But still have a minor but annoying problem.
    During server-start up I get the error 'communications data: Service itialization failed'. later on I get a 'DB connect failed'.
    I executed the fix and all DB services are now automatic. Unfortunately the server still will not start. Any Ideas?

    • if you can make sense of the string below, substitute -P for your user password and -e for your user, just to see if this pulls the service up. not sure what to do after this

      C:\usr\sap\NSP\DVEBMGS00\exe\sapstartsrv.exe -r -q -p C:\usr\sap\NSP\SYS\profile\START_DVEBMGS00_pc -s NSP -n 00 -U pc\SAPServiceNSP -P abcd1234 -e PC\nspadm