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Author's profile photo Aviad Rivlin

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Enhancement Package 2 for Portal

Hello All,


During April 2010 Enhancement Package 2 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 will be released for ramp-up customers.

With this new Portal release, customers will gain new enhanced functionalities. For the list of new functionalities please refer to the high level release functionality overview or review the official SAP release notes (will be available only after the RTC date).


The key improvements are in the area of:

  • New Ajax Framework page – NOW officially available! (check out the new Wiki)
  • Improved root cause analysis (custom PRT error page, traceability of administrator actions on PCD objects, and more)
  • Browsers support (more details in the Product Availability Matrix -> SAP NetWeaver 7.0 )
  • Enhanced Application Integration functionality
  • TCO improvements in the area of Knowledge Management & Collaboration


Preview of Ajax Framework Page:

Ajax Framework page























To register as a ramp-up customer of Enhancement Package 2 for SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0 you should be part of the PPM 5.0 or SAP Business Suite 7 Innovations 2010 ramp-up programs. Register at: .

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      Author's profile photo Markus Klein
      Markus Klein
      Hello Aviad,

      thx for the heads-up. But i dont see any entry regarding the upcoming ERP EHPs  on the ramp-up pages. Any idea about a timeline?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Can customer who are working on a cobmination of SAP Business Suite 7.0 with EHP4 + NW 7.01 directly upgrade to NW 7.02? Will such customers need to wait for EHP5 for SAP Business suite or a separate 7.02 for Business Suite.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hi Aviad.
      I'm looking forward to see what good improvements will bring this EP2 for our portal.
      Author's profile photo John Ma
      John Ma
      Hi, Aviad.

      It is exciting to see SAP is rolling out the AJAX framework page in EHP2. But is there improvement on the existing technology in EP7.0 and would the existing problems(so called limitations) getting resolved. Here are a couple of my wishlist:

      1) FPN cache monitoring/control. I ran into multiple instances that the property of the pages(or iviews) is out of sync between the producer and consumer. It does not matter how many times you sync(using either full or delta). Note that the property looks perfect on the PCD studio in the consumer/producer. But the property is not effective when you actually run the page. After you wait a couple of days, it works all of a sudden. One instance a FPN cache causes corruption in the PCD.(We are using FPN a lot in our shop)

      2) Help URL. Can SAP do something and make the URL dynamic(better yet, allow us to attach an iview/page to it)?

      3) Can you make the portal look and feel more customizable in general without having to code(page layout, second level nav layout, service map, etc)

      I can keep going. But those are the ones that jump out from my mind for now.


      Author's profile photo Aviad Rivlin
      Aviad Rivlin
      Blog Post Author
      Hello Jonathan,

      Thanks for taking the time and sharing with us your "wish list".

      Let me try to answer your questions:
      1) I suggest that you open an OSS message for this (if you didn't do so yet). In the last versions we have invested quite a lot in the area of FPN and AI. I hope\assume your issues  will be solved with these enhancements.

      2) Please elaborate about this request. what is the use case\ business case for this?

      3) We, SAP, see three main directions of look & feel customization.
      a) Via  non-code customizations (i.e. theme editor, properties, etc.).
      b) Via simple and small code changes which are very customer specific.
      C) Re-writing framework pages, layouts, etc. with higher development requirements.

      As for end-users, we do plan to provide much more enhanced end-user flexibility with Enterprise Workspaces. See more details in my other blogs.

      Aviad Rivlin

      Author's profile photo John Ma
      John Ma
      Hi, Aviad.

      Thank you for your response. For your comments on questions:
      1) Yes, I have already opened a ticket with OSS. But they say that this is a limitation on the portal and there is no functionality to monitor the FPN cache. Also, another big improvement with FPN I am hoping for is to make transport for RDL handled like a normal portal transport. Right now, RDL transports have to be handled differently from the normal portal objects. This makes it very hard to support because we have lots of cases when an RDL is brought into a normal transport by accident(through dependency). This causes corruptions on the PCD.

      2) In a page/iview, there is a property called "help" that allows users to click on the help link. We are using that on quite a lot of pages for user instruction. But the problem is that you have to hardcode the url. I am hoping SAP will allow us to add portal page(like the related links) instead of hard coded url.

      3) The out of the box page layouts and themes are not very flexible. Very often when we need to structure pages in a particular way, we have to code the layout ourselves. To make all those hyper links navigating to different parts of the portal within a page, you have to use quicklinks unless you want to again code it yourself. Users cannot use the back button either on the browser to go back. Quicklinks are also awful to maintain because they are not searchable. That all add up to the support and maintenance costs of the EP.