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This podcast will show you how you can leverage hierarchies in WebIntelligence using Opendocument and the Report Engine SDK (REBEAN.

Example use case :

– A user selects a hierarchy node from a dashboard

– This selection generates an OpenDocument string containing the drill level and the hierarchy node name

– The webintelligence report is opened at the hierarchy node selected in the opendocument string

Advantages :

Avoids unnecessary database roundtrips while drilling through a webintelligence hierarchy by accessing  the hierarchy node directly


More details and code :

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  1. Atul Chowdhury
    Hi Romaric –

    Thanks for the podcast – I really hope folks start to leverage more capabilities like this one as it helps promote the often overlooked value of WebI reporting.  And it should be mentioned that this type of manipulation is not only limited to SAP Hierarchies but *any* hierarchy.  We’ve actually developed a few pages similar to this to simulate breadcrumb drilling across a hierarchy eg. Continent > Country > City > Town while disabling any interactions on the actual data blocks themselves.

    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks for you comment Atul, i agree that webi customization capabilities are overlooked and possibilities can be mind blowing, especially with extension points and the SDK.

      And indeed this video can be applied to any hierarchy!


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