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 Web Dynpro applications are not displayed in the browser version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0, 8.0.Exception is “Sorry, your browser/program is not supported by Web Dynpro!” 



Step 1:

Need to deploy the “sapportals.prt.application.htmlb.sda” into your portal Server.You download the file from the SAP Service Market Place.


Step 2:- Setting for Browser (IE 7.0 or 8.0) into client system

             Navigate to Tools->Internet Options into the menu bar.

             Select Security Tab 

             Select Custom button.

             Navigate to Miscellaneous

             Select All the property as Prompt or Enable.

             Restart the Browser.


Step 3:


Change configuration of supported clients:

Open Visual Administrator. Navigate to “Services -> Configuration Adapter”.Navigate to “webdynpro -> -> tc~wd~dispwda -> “Propertysheet clients”.Open this propertysheet in edit mode by pressing the “Edit” button on the toolbar.Change following two properties in the propertysheet wizard:  

 property “clienttypes”:
                default value is: “msie6|op6|msie5|ns7|safari|java|win|ecatt”
                change value to: “op6|msie5|msie6|ns7|safari|java|win|ecatt” property   “msie6.recognition”:

                default value is: “MSIE 6.”
                change value to: “MSIE”

Clicked Apply Custom

Need to Restart the J2ee Server.  

Having done this, close the wizard and press again the “Edit” button to save the changes. Afterwards, a restart of the engine is required in order to make these changes effective. The Web Dynpro runtime should then be able to allow the usage of Microsoft IE7 as browsers.



 For AIX System Logon to SIDadm:Setenv DISPLAY X Manager passive cd /usr/sap/GPD/JC02/j2ee/admin./go 

For Windows systemLogon to the Server

Open the folder /usr/sap/SID/JC00/j2ee/admin

Click go.bat

After Logon to the Visual Admin Navigate to Services->Configuration Adapter.

Navigate to Configuration->Webdynpro->>tc~wd`dispwda

Click the Propertysheet.clients

Click the Edit option to get in edit mode.  

Clicked YES  Open the Property sheet as shown below.   

Open the Property sheet as shown below.


property “clienttypes”:


 Property “msie6.recognition”:

Click Apply Custom. 

 Apply Custom >

Restart the J2ee server. 

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  1. Former Member
    I am a user of the tems system.
    Upgraded O/S to Windows 7 running windows 8
    I cannot access the sytem due to the error message  Browser is not supported by Web Dynpro!
    How can I correct this as a user?
  2. Former Member
    Hi, Where exactly do I find sapportals.prt.application.htmlb.sda in swdc? I searched and was not able to find it. Are there different verisons of this. We are on EP7 SP15. Thx!

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