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Author's profile photo Jim Spath

Twenty Four ^2

It’s barely 12 hours since Craig Cmehil completed his twenty four hour marathon webcast, as announced in his blog Weekend Fun: 24 Hour Marathon

I’d like to say I completed the entire journey with Craig, but I napped between the hours of 5AM and 8AM Eastern time this morning.  There were a lot of good discussions along the way, some technical hurdles, we learned a lot, and Craig’s $5,000 goal is within reach, standing  at $4,220 tonight.

After the show started, I thought it would be nice to do a screen shot once per hour, showing the progression of light, and sleepiness.  Though there are 24 images below, the times aren’t anywhere near equally spaced.  But I think they tell a good story. The time listed is relative to the start of the show.  Add about 8 hours before the beginning for the time Craig woke up Friday morning.


  1. 00:39 chin-posin
  2. 09:18 tie loosening
  3. 09:20 ewH
  4. 09:56 pray
  5. 11:02 laugh
  6. 12:00 tie throw
  7. 12:52 hand to head
  8. 12:54 chair dance
  9. 14:42 cat claw
  10. 14:44 chin lean
  11. 15:09 t shirt
  12. 15:10 tie nose
  13. 16:37 head swipe
  14. 17:05 getting sleepy
  15. 19:12 tie scarf
  16. 19:17 Sig
  17. 21:58 7 am (EST US)
  18. 22:51 harmonica
  19. 22:57 Gregor Wolf
  20. 23:10 Mark innern
  21. 23:36 con call
  22. 24:04 Tom Jung
  23. 24:22 tie off
  24. 24:23 off



For more information, go to:


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      Author's profile photo Cory Coley-Christakos
      Cory Coley-Christakos
      Hey Jim,

      Nice of you to hang in there with Craig. There’s something very festive (and educational!) about FMR24 – wish I could have been there for more of it.  I have a couple of additional pictures for the collection… and

      Get some sleep!

      Author's profile photo Tony De Thomasis
      Tony De Thomasis
      Nice summary Jim well done.
      Any further information about alleged snoring-like noises around photo #14?
      Cheers, TdT.
      Author's profile photo Jim Spath
      Jim Spath
      Blog Post Author
      TdT:  I also had fun racing with you to post certain screen shots, in the waning hours of the webcast.  Maybe next year, the Aussies will take over the controls during the 1AM-3AM US EDT time slot where no one volunteered this year?  I dialed in to help navigate through those rocky waters, and I'm afraid to listen again.
      Craig claims that he will be doing post production of each hours' video, which were available immediately after, in order to produce audio tracks.  But if he does a Rose Mary Woods stretch, how can we dispute it? I didn't think to switch on my MP3 recorder.  We should be able to pinpoint the time from Michael Bechauf's cell records.
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      That was the segment that I was not recording since I was trying to show an earlier show segment thus there is no recording of the mysterious noises or the phone call you all allege to 😉

      Honestly that was the one segment I was trying to replay the 2nd hour MSF bit for everyone (thought I did it once so let's reuse). Then I spent the time "fighting" the delay and poor performance and then all of a sudden my mobile in the bedroom rang and it was Michael. What could I do, you all heard noises and assume I had fallen asleep - yet no proof and in the US I'm innocent until proven guilty 😉

      Author's profile photo Tony De Thomasis
      Tony De Thomasis
      Hey Jim

      Challenge accepted. Matt Harding and I gladly will take the next 1-3AM US EDT slot and fill it with much talk of NetWeaver, Back to the Future and Guitar Hero.

      I also found another picture taken during your downtime - the James Governor bad hair segment. His battle with the army man was unforgettable.

      Cheers, TdT.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This is simply awesome Jim!
      Author's profile photo Gali Kling Schneider
      Gali Kling Schneider
      I like Craig in a his tie and appreciated Ewh's challenge donation with it 🙂

      I was a silent follower Friday night for Tom & Vinnie.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This tells a great story. 

      I really enjoyed participating in 14 of the 24 hours.  Hopefully next year I can push more.

      And Craig, you are the man...what else can I say?

      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Craig: for sheer determination, integrity (Craig does what he says he is going to do when he says he is going to do it), content, courage, leadership, showmanship, staying-power and resilience .
      To keep 30+ folks engaged, entertained, educated for 24 hours at almost any given time I tuned, a real feat.  And raising impressive numbers for a worthy cause.  Really remarkable. Hats off (and ties waved). 
      Friends: for additional excellent material and content, for loyalty, support, commitment. Jim, I also was truly impressed by your efforts to do a simulcast and bring dozens more ASUG eyeballs to the event and to participate, and to everyone who showed up and cheered on and helped with moral and monetary support, Bravo.
      Author's profile photo Mark Finnern
      Mark Finnern
      Hi Craig,
      Thanks for doing it and I am happy that I could do my little part at the end too.
      It was really funny, you rightfully very tired 30+ hours being awake and me not totally awake yet, as I just fell out of bed at 5am.
      Playing the harmonica as a welcome was a nice touch at the beginning. I think it went pretty well, for that 24 hours before I still thought I canceled and haven't prepared anything. Slides are here:

      The 5K have not been reached yet, so if you are reading this and have not given yet. Jump over here and make everyone happy with at little gift:

      Thanks again, Mark.