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Weekend Fun: 24 Hour Marathon

Tomorrow, Friday the 9th of April I will be hosting my second annual 24 Hour Marathon packed full of interesting content for many of you and all for a worthy cause! I did this last year as well and this year I decided to make it a tradition, I mean I as well as many of you are online all the time anyway and so I decided what better way to give back then to stay online video broadcasting for 24 hours straight while raising money for a worthy charity.

I’ve just posted the agenda and I think you’ll recognize several names of your fellow community members who are sharing in the fun and experience with me.

Times are US East Coast

Friday, April 9

Saturday, April 10


So if you have a chance stop by and tune in,  Live Show – Alternative in case of firewall problems can be found here. Also if you just want to follow the chat from the show you can catch that here.
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  • Craig: once again you demonstrate the kind of leadership and commitment that is rare and valuable.  I'm happy to be able to support you in this effort.  We'll have a few people online during the ASUG simulcast that otherwise might not be able to catch your show.  Plus, I think we'll have a good pledge drive in my office.  Talk to you/see you soon! Jim
  • Thanks to both Craig and Jim for a great show.  I learned how to contribute to GoogleMaps, saw a Congolese video I wouldn't have otherwise seen in the U.S., learned about SaaS, saw Craig's apartment, learned interesting tidbits regarding the ASUG workflow survey, learned about GitHub, SDN Code Exchange, and how we all want iPads like Thomas Jung.  All of this for a donation to a great cause.