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Tiny details I would love to have on SDN, part 1

Almost everybody using the internet is using some “favorites” mechanism. You just need to keep the list of the useful sites, because it is becoming harder and harder every day to find one single document in the TBs published on the internet (although Google states the opposite:))

As you have probably noticed, SAP pages are not very helpful when it comes to bookmarking. For example try to bookmark two forum threads – both have the same text so the second will prompt you to overwrite the first one. I don´t like that (in fact the solution would be easy – to change the page header so you can bookmark two threads and both will have the different, something-useful-telling, captions, right?).

By the way – trying to remember all the useful SDN threads in your browser bookmarks or in a text file (I have tried both) – is not what i would call friendly or usable. Same with the blogs.

Let me take a step aside: some time ago I wanted to publish a blog post which was not very “innovative”, but was (imho) useful for the beginners – a link list (like 20 links you need to read) for one certain field (Adobe forms). My blog post was refused. I can understand that, I can live with that (but we all know some people are allowed to post these blogs, right?:)) I was asked to write a wiki page. I am not going to do this and many people around don´t use wikis because they want to be the exclusive owners of the content (but that is for another story).

But if there was an option to maintain my bookmarks list on SDN (well, that could be a part of the business card, what do you think about that?), I could just publish my link list (“tagged” content) to help the people start and don´t have to argue about the blog or have to write a wiki page.

At the moment, you can watch the thread. I use that when I expect anybody to add something useful to a thread. I use that that to watch the Adobe forms related questions outside the proper forum (you can find many of the question in ABAP Printing or even ABAP General). That is not what I am talking about here – imho that is used in different situations and it cannot be published. Of course you cannot “tag” all the content you would like to with the “watch XY” option.

If such a thing would be available on SDN (shared tagging in a business card for example), I would use that not only for “tagging” content for myself and maybe some people following me, I would also use that for searching. I know people here on SDN who are true experts in their fields and I am sure I would find the best content available through searching their “tagged” content.

If one can hit the abuse button, he can also judge if the content is useful for him. This way, through the authority of the people we believe in, we can get access to the true treasury of the SDN content.

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  • Hi Otto,
    this is a great idea. When I looked around in the social media world, (and when you look at the bottom of each sdn blog) bookmark service are more and more an important and integral part of navigating through the information chaos.
    By creating "information lines" across content, you generate much more value beyond link lists.

    Instead of referring to a global giant like digg, why not create and own the link culture inside sdn? This would be an incredible feature.

  • Nice sentence about Wiki :-))
    "I am not going to do this and many people around don´t use wikis because they want to be the exclusive owners of the content"

    The question is WHY. Due to copyright reasons..? 🙂

  • > Exclusive ownership of a linkfarm?
    Sear the Coffee Corner (or ABAP forums) for the word "Anji"...  After linkfarms as answers were rejected, the linkfarmers had little (or nothing) left to contribute. We were glad to see the end of that.

    > tagging
    Nice idea. Actively following someone who takes an interest in certain threads is however easy as a workaround. You can either activate a watch on them (if they permit it, and you will all mails) or periodically scroll their userid= via the search. It is not scalable, but 100 users to tag isn't either. For security folks, I maintain a "memorable discussions" thread in the forums and the ABAP forums have the same. NW Admin has done so as well and started an own wiki.

    I do not understand your concerns about "content ownership" when others have the possibility to contribute their own content as well.

    This is more fun than starting your own website, but you have less control. RSS feeds are another workaround and many do that via various sites of their own, SCN and twitter & Co.


    • I would like to know the details: how to actually do the workaround: how can I - from ones usiness card - understand what content does the guy "recommends"?
      Example: I cannot see a thing in your Weblogs posts in your Contribution Points. That means you have not written one in the period. Does that mean you have not read any? Not a single useful one? I don´t have your browser history, your bookmarks etc. That means you cannot recommend any content, is that right? That is not a scalable solution, for me that is not a solution at all.
      By the way - i cannot create any "memorable disc" thread right? And if yes, that would be a single topic for single forum. Nothing like "I recommend people who X to read Y".
      And to get the tons of emails that you have done this or that is not a part of that not-a-solution.
      Can you please shed some light here for me?
      • I don't have a solution to this, unless the person does it voluntarily.

        That should anyway be the case.

        Remaining "on the ball" is another option. I anyway have my check lists and watches as a part of moderator activities and the area (Security). It is not only restricted to SDN to keep an eye out on what is going on.

        You can manipulate the search string URLs for this, but you need to put in the effort first to find them.

        Such a feature would only be usefull if maintained by the user. The targeted search and watch is more usefull in my opinion - bar a handfull of guru who might maintain it.

        My 2 cents,

      • > i cannot create any "memorable disc" thread right?
        Contact the moderator of your interest area. I am sure they will welcome such input.

        I maintain several of them and forum members contribute from time to time as well when I don't spot the "gem".