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Rehashing the differences between SAP Event Management and Solution Manager’s BPMon


Business Process Monitoring is the proactive and process-oriented monitoring of a company’s core business processes.

The goal is to maintain the health of a company’s business processes by detecting and resolving issues as fast as possible – before they become critical for the business

Read FAQ on Solution Manager’s BPMon here.

  • Is known as Solution Monitoring in Solution Manager and uses the CCMS alert functionality
  • Hands off data to SAP NetWeaver BI for process dashboard analytics
  • Monitors the health of steps in a business process. e.g. If the response time for transaction VA01 has exceeded 10 seconds for more than 10 sales orders in the last hour then there may be a performance issue with the order creation step.
  • The purpose of BPMon is to monitor critical points in the business process and evaluate their performance against pre-defined tolerances in order to uncover system issues before they become noticed by the users.
  • It allows you to perform the above-mentioned monitoring across any process spanning your SAP landscape defined in Solution Manager.
    • More suited to monitoring SAP NetWeaver suite
    • Legacy SAP: limited to cross application and interface monitoring  (ALE, IDoc, qRFC, BDoc)
    • Non-SAP: Using the remote CCMS agent you can only monitor log files
  • Process monitoring from a technical standpoint
    • Generic Monitors:
      • Background jobs
      • Dialog performance
      • Update errors
      • Document volumes
      • General Application log (SLG1)
    • Interface Monitors:
      • ALE/Idoc alert monitoring (per Idoc type)
      • qRFC alert monitoring
      • Bdoc alert monitoring (CRM)
      • RFC availability monitorin
      • SAP NetWeaver PI monitorin
    • Customer specific Monitors:
      • All alerts available via CCMS monitoring infrastructure
      • Customer Exit in Application Monitoring Infrastructure


For more details on SAP EM check out the SCN wiki here

Supply Chain Event Management (SCEM) “is an application that supports control processes for managing events within and between companies.”  AMR Research, January 2000

  • Monitors the status of an end-to-end process INSTANCE. e.g. The sales order 123 had to have a delivery created by 2PM today but it never did so it now has status “Delivery Creation Delay”. In addition it monitors the data / measurements of a process instance itself to uncover further exceptions. E.g. If the product left warehouse A for delivery 123, via Carrier ABC for quantity 1,000 at temperature 32 deg F and it arrives at Warehouse B we can then check whether it arrived at the planned warehouse with the planned quantity (1,000) at the planned temperature (<36 deg F) using the correct carrier. If any of these differ then we may have uncovered a further exception.
  • With SAP EM every instance of the business process is monitored regardless of whether it’s in exception or not. Only the exception events are configured to trigger notifications or status changes.
  • Monitors business events only – Not used for technical or system monitoring
  • SAP EM receives events from SAP systems and non-SAP systems.
  • SAP allows for users to access the data via a web dynpro with extensive authorizations and filtering built in to ensure only the correct people can view their applicable data.
  • Process – Instance monitoring from a transactional data standpoint

In short BPMon is used to uncover bottlenecks at key points in your process with a focus on technology and system affectiveness whereas SAP EM is used to actually monitor the status of an end-to-end business process matching up the planned events and measurements with the actual events and measurements to uncover exceptions. Both tools uncover different exceptions at different levels but use similar mechanisms in alerts and workflows to notify people of these exceptions. They can be used in tandem and both would be beneficial to the business to highlight potential issues with the business.

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      Author's profile photo Michal Krawczyk
      Michal Krawczyk

      I was just preparing that comparision
      for one of my meetings hehe 🙂

      anyway - such comparison is a must have/read on SDN
      as more and more companies are doing bpmon
      in solman and start wondering why some functionality is not available (which is part of EM) 

      so thanks for this one:)

      Michal Krawczyk

      Author's profile photo Kevin Wilson
      Kevin Wilson
      Blog Post Author
      Hey Michal,
      Yup, you should also check out the wiki I mentioned ( on the differences between SAP EM and BPM / BAM / CEP
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Where would Process Monitoring object in SAP Process Integration added for event monitoring be placed in the picture then since the primary tool is WebDynpro? Or is there any possibility/plan to connect event monitoring to business process monitoring in CE?

      S. Gokhan Topcu

      Author's profile photo Kevin Wilson
      Kevin Wilson
      Blog Post Author
      Take a look at the Wiki I put together describing the differences between SAP NW BPM, CEP and BAM at
      There are many differences and there seems to be no strive towards merging the technologies.
      Author's profile photo Volker von Gloeden
      Volker von Gloeden
      Hi Kevin,

      while I like all your posts about BPMon and SAP EM your comparison falls somewhat short with regards to BPMon as you only highlight the technical monitoring piece valuable for the IT. But this is only half of the story (at most) as the majority of out-of-the-box key figures for BPMon is application and not technical related. And these application key figures target at the business (especially business process owners) and provide important watchpoints in order to ensure a milestone monitoring within the business process.
      Compare also my blogs about
      - the Functional Scope of BPMon Functional Scope of Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager
      - the typical Use Cases Typical Use Cases for Business Process Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager

      Best Regards

      Author's profile photo Kevin Wilson
      Kevin Wilson
      Blog Post Author

      I had been through your posts earlier and looked through them again and they explain the process pretty nicely. One point Johannes mentioned in a comment to his blog at Best Practice: Business Process Monitoring for Order to Cash was that "The main BPMon functionality is not tracking single documents...". This is a subtle but very large difference between the 2 approaches. With SAP EM each instance of the process is monitored and exceptions are uncovered immediately and can be used to affect the remainder of the process. E.g. A delayed event is received from a 3rd party and the result in SAP EM is to reschedule the order and send a notification to the warehouse asking them to adjust the shift for the receipt of the goods.

      I think SolMan's BPMon is an extremely valuable tool in the space of ensuring your systems and processes are working according to the way they should be. I think SAP EM is an extremely valuable tool in the space of ensuring your processes are being followed according to the plan and exceptions to that plan are immediately being addressed.

      Thanks again for the insight in to BPMon. Greatly appreciated.