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What’s New with Crystal Reports Server 2008 SP2

SAP has recently released Crystal Reports Server 2008 SP2.  As such, I wanted to take some time to share with you some information on the new platforms, some fixed issues that may be of interest, and details on a new tool for generating web services for consumption via Xcelsius.

New Platforms

We have made a few updates to our supported Operating Systems, Application Servers, Connectivity options, and have added some new language support.  I have summarized those below for easy reference.  For more details, please refer to the Supported Platforms guides for Windows and Linux.


New Operating System Support

  • Windows XP SP3 Professional
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2

New Application Server Support

  • Tomcat 6.0.18
  • WebLogic 10.3
  • WebSphere Application Server 7
  • WebSphere Portal 6.1

New Supported Languages

  • Finnish
  • Czech

New Connectivity Support

  • GreenPlum Database 3.2
  • HP Neoview 2.4
  • IBM DB2/UDB for zSeries 9.1
  • IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11.1
  • IBM Informix Dynamic Server 11.5
  • Netezza NPS Server 4.5


Sampling of Fixed Issues

In addition to adding some new platforms, our service packs provide an opportunity to address some of the issues that our customer experience with previous versions.  I have provided a sampling of the fixed issues that are relevant to Crystal Reports Server deployments. For more details and a more complete listing, please refer to the Fixed Issues documentation.

  • Text objects or database fields that span over multiple lines in Crystal Reports, and that are right-aligned (without the use of hard or soft returns), fail to maintain their alignment when the report is exported to PDF format.
  • When scheduling a report and selecting a parameter, the following error message appears: “The value is not valid.”
  • This problem happens with reports that have been migrated from Crystal Enterprise 10 to BusinessObjects Enterprise Xl Release 2, on systems that have Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3 installed.
  • When users migrate from Crystal Enterprise 10 to Business Objects Enterprise XI Release 2, the data sources fail to be switched to the new server, and they continue to point to the Crystal Enterprise 10 server. The cause of the problem is that the Crystal Management Server name component of the datasource string fails to be updated.
  • When the ActiveX viewer is used in InfoView, and the Search feature in a Crystal report is used to find content in a non-English language, the search function is unable to return more than one page of results.
  • OpenDocument returns an error when a subfolder’s access level is set to No Access and the syntax contains “sPath”.
  • In the Central Management Console (CMC), the following error message appears when users modify the database properties of a Crystal report with OLAP grids and connections: “The property with ID SI_CUSTOM_SERVER does not exist in the object”. The cause of the problem is that, when an OLAP report that contains both OLAP grids and connections is published to BusinessObjects Enterprise, its InfoObject object fails to contain any of the SI_CUSTOM attributes.
  • In the Java Central Management Console (CMC) and InfoView, users cannot copy and paste a password when scheduling a Crystal report because the field resets to null when users click the Schedule button.
  • When a Crystal report is based on a temp table that has been created in SQL 2005, the following error message appears: “Invalid argument”.This problem does not happen in Crystal Reports Xl Release 2.
  • Crystal Reports Designer fails to verify the database when the main report and its subreport are based off an Oracle stored procedure. The following error message appears: “Cannot determine the queries necessary to get data for this report. Details: An invalid data type has been encountered.”
  • In Crystal Reports 2008 SP0, users are unable to connect to a MySQL database when a hyphen (-) is used in the name of the database.
  • When modifying the database connection of a Crystal report that is based on an OLAP database In the Central Management Console (CMC), the following error message appears: “The property with ID SI_CUSTOM_SERVER does not exist in the object”.
  • When a Crystal Reports 2008 report is exported to Excel (data only), an error message appears if the functionGridRowColumnValue is used in the report.
  • When trusted authentication single sign-on (SSO) is configured, users should be able to use OpenDoc without being prompted for their credentials.
  • In InfoView, the Xcelsius dashboard may be slow to open. The cause of the problem is that, each time an Xcelsius dashboard is opened, the Flash file is downloaded from the server because no cache mechanism exists. This process increases the time needed to open the Xcelsius dashboard.
  • Stored procedure exceptions generate an incorrect error message in Crystal Reports for BusinessObjects Enterprise Xl Release 2. The error message that is generated is as follows: “Database Connecton Error: ADO Error Code 0x.” In Crystal Reports 10, a correct error message is displayed.
  • After a Crystal report that is scheduled to PDF format is rescheduled to another format, the following error message appears: “An error has occurred: $Proxy4”.
  • When scheduling a Crystal report with no saved data, and that has prompts and alerts, when users view the successful instance the prompts reappear. In addition, when scheduling a Crystal report with saved data that contains prompts and alerts, the value entered in the prompts fails to be applied. The problem is caused by an unnecessary calculation of URL for links in the internal Alerts action. This calculation causes the hyperlinks in the Alerts history page to point to the incorrect report instances.
  • Query as a Web Service using Websphere creates a URL that does not identify “?def” or “?wsdl” as distinct parameters, if they have no value assigned. As a result, the URL is not valid to be used in applications such as Crystal XCelsius.
  • A report may prompt users for login information if the report uses a parameter and the option “Save Data with Report”. This problem happens with reports that are imported from Crystal Enterprise 10 to a Business Objects Enterprise XI Release 3.0 system. If the report is scheduled with the same numeric values that were used for the parameters, the instance is successful; however, when viewing it users are prompted for login information.
  • In Crystal Reports 2008, when creating an OLAP report against SQL Server Analysis Services 2005 cubes, named sets are missing in the Member Selector pane. This problem happens when the attribute use a name that does not match the name used for the dimension. For example, named set based [Date].[Date] works but named set based on [ShipDate].[Date] is missing.
  • Crystal Reports 2008 displays the following error message if users edit a query in a command table: “Invalid argument provided”.

New Web Services Design Tool

Finally, we are introducing a new Web Services Design Tool for those Crystal Reports Server deployments that make use of Xcelsius widgets.  This new tool will replace the existing technology that we have embedded from Flynet.  I will be posting more information about this tool over the next week or so which will provide some tutorial videos, link to the download page, and links to the documentation.

For more information regarding Crystal Reports Server 2008 SP2, please refer to this SAP Note.

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      Author's profile photo Mark Richardson
      Mark Richardson
      Is there an UPGRADE package for client who have already deployed CR Server 2008 V0 - or is it a complete re-install like it was when V1 was released?
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Hey Mark,

      It's good to hear from you.

      SP2 is an incremental upgrade to CRS 2008 V1, which means for those customers running CRS 2008 V0, they will need to first upgrade to CRS 2008 V1 and then apply SP2.


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Is Crystal Report Package supported when reports are created from BW queries?
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Good evening Naga Kishore.

      I'm not sure that I understand your question.  The Crystal Reports Designer can be used to connect to SAP BW; however, these connections are not supported in Crystal Reports Server.

      Please respond with clarifying questions if you need more information.