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With the weather turning decidedly spring-like, tourists flock to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, and to Washington’s Mall area.  The past weekend was the Cherry Blossom festival, and despite his original idea that he wasn’t traveling yet, Abesh Bhattacharjee visited both cities.  He’s carrying an Android phone (with no data plan yet), and I managed to locate him among the crowd in Baltimore, as did Dan McWeeney in D.C.  My short visit with Abesh occurred outside the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

We talked about traveling, about geographies, climate and cuisine, and a bit about corporate mergers and SAP MII projects.  Abesh took on the challenge of project management with his new company and new role, moving away from a developer role to an architect role.  He told me about his theater hobby work, inspired and coached by Marilyn Pratt. We traded comparisons of AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, 3G, CDMA and GSM. He glanced at the consumer electronics store across Pratt Street, which might stock the new Apple tablet, but it’s closed on Sundays.

In our brief micro-SAP-Mentor-meet-up, I managed a still photo, a video (later uploaded to YouTube) and   an MP3 recording ( NOW: in the SCN archives ). With no car, and no drivers license, Abesh has travel limits, though I expect to see him a few more places in the U.S. over the next few months.

Link for direct podcast download:



Here we are with Baltimore’s World Trade Center and part of the Inner Harbor in the background.





Handheld camera work, including a 360 degree view of downtown from where we sat.

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  1. Gregory Misiorek

    let us know when u find a good data plan for your phone…i’ve been getting by with texting, but can’t get the URL links to work with it ๐Ÿ™

    1. Jim Spath Post author
      Greg:  My unlimited data plan is fine, thanks.  It’s Abesh who may need a plan, but with a short-term stay in the U.S., should not sign a one or two year contract.  He tweeted from I-95 near Wilmington DE yesterday, so I guess occasional wireless taps are better than nothing.
      1. Former Member
        Yeah and for that tweet I got hold of my friend’s iPhone ๐Ÿ™‚ Still no data for me and a Droid is useless without data ๐Ÿ™
      2. Gregory Misiorek
        oh, i see, have u tried using it outside of the U.S? this is where usually things stop being worldwide accessible. i’m thinking ATMs in addition to phones and laptops.
  2. Former Member
    Jim, loved your sharing “quick visit” and your beautiful city and especially your hosting fellow mentor Abesh.  It will be interesting to understand from Abesh what he makes of his hosted work environment.  Is it different to be an SAP expert in different geographic locations?  What things are inherently the same, what different?  Do people approach processes differently?  (now that Abesh is moving more to an architect role).  And you Jim, what’s it like to approach process and technical architecture in your new environment?
    1. Jim Spath Post author

        I can only answer the second part of your question, and that only partially.  I watched both versions of “The Clash of The Titans” this past weekend, and, oh, never mind.

      > what’s it like to approach process and technical architecture in your new environment?

      In many ways, not much has changed for me.  I’ve kicked off several sizing projects, and might amplify on my prior posts/webcasts/presentations on QuickSizer, once I draw some conclusions.  On the flip side, there are business processes to be discovered and evolved, though I’m more likely to be able to share visible indicators such as user quality criteria, or products we need to become familiar with (like MII, hence part of my chat with Abesh).

      Perhaps you can catch some of the drift on my ASUG webcast this Friday.



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