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The Future of SAP Learning: Social Networking

If you are an SAP consultant or client, chances are that you are already involved to some degree in social networking.  LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular sites for SAP professionals.

Twitter has an especially strong SAP community.  Many SAP mentors are on Twitter and posting frequent tweets about their activities.

How Twitter affects learning in the SAP ecosystem is starting to crystalize.

In the near future, there will be thousands of SAP experts on Twitter.  Clients and consultants both will use Twitter to ask and answer questions about the software.  While Twitter has a long way to go to overtake the SAP Community Network in popularity, I forsee a day when Twitter is the first place we’ll look for help.

In-house Twitter networks will also proliferate.  My company uses Yammer, which has a Twitter-like interface, and is designed for in-house networks.  While it is used quite a bit for casual conversation (all of us work remotely), there are frequent exchanges of valuable information on our Yammer network.  By the way, the entry-level Yammer product is available at no cost.

Twitter will also start showing up in the classroom.  Instructors will need to be prepared for the day that there is a live Twitter feed shown on a separate large display, with questions and comments from class participants posted live.  The Twitter feed could also be used for a “delay board” where questions are posed that the person asking feels could be addressed later or on a break.

If you want to get started on Twitter, it is pretty easy to figure out.  Once you are online, the people I recommend that you follow are:

Jon Reed @
Courtney Bjorlin @
Andy Klee @

First, let me apologize to all the other great SAP folks who are tweeting.  I do read many of your tweets, but I somewhat arbitrarily decided to feature Jon, Courtney, and myself.

Jon Reed is the go-to person for all things SAP career related. is the best SAP career site available, and Jon spends much of his working life creating  free SAP career content.  Jon also tweets dozens of helpful tips leading to interesting SAP software topics.

Courtney Bjorlin is the SAP editor at SearchSAP.
Courtney tweets out a stream of useful SAP information all day long.

Andy Klee (that’s me) runs Klee Associates, Inc. / ERPtips.  We focus on SAP training for clients.  If you look at our website, you’ll notice my Twitter stream in a prominent position.  That tends to keep my tweets business oriented, if you know what I mean.  Over time, we’ll see more and more websites doing the same thing–featuring the tweets of the CEO or another high-level manager.

To increase your Twitter network, you can check out who is following each of the three people above, and who they follow.  If you selectively follow those people, you’ll have a network of useful Tweeters.

The full stream coming in, once you have over 50 people you are following, is a bit overwhelming. To manage your incoming tweets, you might want to check out using a front-end tool.  I use Hootsuite to segregate the tweeters I follow into separate groups.  There are many other front-end tools available.

I won’t go into a full scale explanation of Twitter, but you can easily do a search on #SAP or just SAP, and see all the tweets that mention SAP.  There are a lot of job openings advertised on Twitter.

I’ll save a discussion of LinkedIn and SAP (and further discussions about the impact of social media on SAP learning) for another day.  If you have comments on either Twitter or LinkedIn within the SAP ecosystem, please feel free to post them here, or email me directly at:

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      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Jon Reed has written about this very nicely here.
      You can get a widget to follow SAP mentors by going to the SAP Mentor page
      by searching SAP on Listoreous you can get a good list of SAP twitter handles
      Author's profile photo Timo ELLIOTT
      Timo ELLIOTT

      You might be interested in these free tools that use SAP technology (Xcelsius) to embed a live twitter feed into a PowerPoint for Windows presentation, vote via twitter, send out tweets automatically when you get to a certain slide, etc. They're already being used by a number of professors in colleges and universities...


      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      Was thinking of this use case this morning and watched video of you Timo with James Governor and understood that this virally took off at SXSW in London where DJ requests songs via twitter.