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Usage of Floor Plan Manager in SAP E-recruiting EHP4

As I am implementing SAP E-recruiting EHP4 solution for one of our major clients in the middle east, I found lots of interesting technical concepts. One being them is the Floor plan manager. 


When we started the implementation, we were bit worried as the “CONTEXT” concept is missing in the latest E-recruiting EHP4 solution.


In the earlier versions of E-recruiting(using BSP) we had this option(CONTEXT) and we were able to create different custom/standard BSP applications and integrate them. Since we had different groups initiating the Requisition, we were able to classify the requisition screen information,fields, buttons, tabs in the screen based on the CONTEXT during the runtime.


Then came the solution to achieve the above concern. Yes, we are able to achieve it using the Floor plan manager in ABAP Webdynpro.


This blog will explain about the dynamic behavior of tabs, fields, during the requisition creation. We created different VARIANTS in the Floor plan manager using the application configuration. This application Configuration is based on the object instance Floor plan.


These variants will be determined during the runtime of the ABAP Webdynpro application.


Application Configuration:




 VARIANT 1 in the Floor plan manager,




VARIANT 2 in the Floor plan Manager,




I made interest group(HRP5125-tgroup) as the criteria to determine the VARIANTS for the same application configuration. Upon selecting the interest group, the support team tab , posting tab is hidden.


VARIANT 1 during the runtime,




 VARIANT 2 during the runtime,




 Loading the variants at the Run time:


The Webdynpro component should have all the Floor plan implemented interfaces such as IF_FPM_UI_BUILDING_BLOCK,IF_FPM_OIF_CONF_EXIT & IF_FPM_TRANSACTION.


In the component controller, there is a method called OVERRIDE_EVENT_OIF.

I have a Ztable which has the information about the interest group, the corresponding variant and the component configurations. The Variant is loaded in this method.





Even I was able to hide the screen fields by creating different component configurations for the Webdynpro component based on the interest group.  At last, I assigned these component configurations by loading them during the Runtime.


Component Configurations created for the component. 





 Loading the component configurations at the Run time, 







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    • If you are using Object instance Floor plan as discussed above, select the component configuration for the component FPM_OIF_COMPONENT.  Once you are in the Component configuration, click the button Add Main View. This will help you in configuring the new Webdynpro component in  a tab.


      • Hi Rajkumar,

        we want to hide the certain columns of the ALV Table which is getting created Dynamically and which is there to display my POWL Queries data,
        could you please try to help me in achieving this by using configuration or by doing some enhancements

        Thanks & Regards,

        • Dear Govind,

          Sorry for being late to answer your query. It seems that you are using the POWL query and you want to hide the ALV columns appearing in the query. If my assumptions are not wrong then better copy the standard POWL feeeder  class and make only the columns invisible. This is the best and easy way to make the columns invisible.



  • I will be configuring EREC for the first time with the assistance of a Senior remotely, he just told me to :

    Confirm baseline config and confirm that the config is correct the following way;

    o   Access Line Manager pages via the portal.
    o   Access Internal Candidate pages via the portal.
    o   Access Recruiter pages via the portal.
    o   Access the External Candidate pages via URL links.

    How do I start?