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Lately I’ve read a lot about passion on SCN. Let me share mine.

I fell in love with SAP at first sight. Literally…

Being an IT professional by education I’ve done my part of Assembler, C++, Delphi, VB programming before seeing the SAP GUI for the first time in 2001.

The interface looked nothing like I programmed myself.

I thought if a company is willing to put so much effort into its GUI it must be a good company! To paraphrase Bill Maher “I was not wrong”.

The Letter

This is an open source letter to the creators of SAPlink (The Honorary Creators): Daniel McWeeney and Ed Herrmann

I would like to bring to the attention of the SCN community the current dormant state of the SAPlink project:

On the positive side SAPlink is still open source and free.

The Honorary Creators,

Where did the passion go?

How can we make SAPlink live a full and passionate life again?

Why are you hesitant to accept the patches quicker?
If there is a concern that a patch may break some functionality I’m proposing a framework of unit tests that should make the validation of the changes easier.

I’m hoping to get some feedback from The Honorary Creators and all other people in the SCN community who are interested in the SAPlink project.

More Passion

Whenever I feel lost or tired of SAP, I try to remember those feelings of excitement I had when I first saw the SAP GUI. Those feelings bring me back to life and keep me going.

The Honorary Creators, can you please type in your browsers and try to remember the feelings you had on Sep 03, 2006 when the first and second revisions of SAPlink were committed to SVN

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  1. Rockford Patrick
    My company uses SAPlink as a way to capture our intellectual property from our customers’ systems. We would love for further development to be done. Great article with regards to the direction of this project.
    1. Former Member Post author

      In your reply to the above blog you said regarding SAPlink “I thought it was dead”. I bet you that’s what many people think too.

      The problem of the creators abandoning an open source project is not unique to SAPlink. It happens in all open source communities. People simply lose interest…

      I hope my blog can generate ideas on how to keep SAPlink going

  2. Graham Robinson
    It would be great if some of the people wanting more from SAPLink offered to contribute to the project.

    That is what Open Source is all about – not free software.

    Graham Robbo

    1. Former Member Post author
      Are you kidding? I follow their passion on

      It would be nice if some of that passion could be brought back to SAPlink ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Former Member
    While SAPLink may still be used and maybe a new release is in the works, I was unable to find any recent actions on the SAPLink-pages.
    What I am missing most, is a list of all available plugins.
    I could not find plugins for the following objects:
    ACID     Checkpoint-Gruppe          
    ECAT     eCATT Testskript
    ECTC     eCATT Testkonfiguration
    ENHO     Enhancement Implementation
    ENHS     Enhancement Spot     
    SCAT     Testfall
    SHMA     Shared Objects: Definierte Gebietseigenschaften     
    SOTR     Alle Konzepte (OTR) eines Pakets – Kurztexte          
    TOBJ     Definition eines Pflege- und Transport-Objektes          

    I would be willing to help – but how do you get in contact with an inactive project?


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