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Did you Know? – ‘Delivery Attempts’ customizable per communication channel

There is an interesting blog by Naveen Padrang titled XI :  How to Re-Process failed XI Messages Automatically which you can read before you continue with this one.

I would like to highlight the section that talks about IS_RETRY parameter and how he wishes to tune the parameter. The solution he mentions is to change the default values of the parameter in Visual Admin.

I am running SAP PI 7.1 EHP1 SP 03 and guess some of the wishes have come true in a better way (if I may say so).

Note: The feature is available from XI 3.0 SP19 / PI 7.0 SP12 

It is NOW possible to control the Delivery attempts directly from RWB and whats better is that it can be controlled per communication channel and thus avoid a global setting.




Guess this might come as a relief for numerous real time scenarios that demand controlled Delivery Attempts !!!

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    • thanks for the comment.

      Seems you are from SAP themselves so could you do me a favor by providing me details on the minimum SP on PI 7.0 and 7.1 from which this feature is available?

      I could update that info to the blog which would be helpful I assume 🙂


      • Shabarish,

        Sorry i do not recall the exact SP, but i know for sure its there since a long time.
        This should have been easy to notice given that it appears next to the Administration Information Tab.

        Anyways your blog would help create awareness amongst those who never clicked on the settings tab or were not aware what that was used for.


  • Hi all,

    it is a quite good feature – the only problem is, after an AF full cache refresh, all settings are revoked to standard settings. I guess this works as designed?

    Best regards
    Stefan Bosshard

  • This is very old feature of SAP PI. Moreover it is just a documentation of the screen shot. I think we should keep posting new features of the product or any exceptional information that other doesn’t know or never noticed.

    Although the documentation is to the point, I do not expect this kind of articles/blogs from SAP Mentor.

    • 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!!

      Now the idea of the blogging is to make people aware about the various possibilities and dimensions of the product.

      I find this information to be ideal because;

      1. The feature is often missed by developers (tough to find documentation on it + its in a way hidden unless you really check all tabs)

      2. The feature can be highly utilized in a case where the requirement clearly dictates the control of the delivery, esp. on SLA based interfaces.

      Hence even though its a short blog, the idea is to spread awareness. Its not about being a mentor or not, i assume !!